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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Heres The Problem!

Should the National Football League be involved in a  player personal conduct?
In the past few weeks, we have seen how domestic violence now seems to be the football league's No. 1 off the field issue. The point is, should they or shouldn’t they be involved with the players personal -off field life?
Well, if you think that they shouldn't be, I say ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 
We saw Adrian Peterson facing a Child Abuse Charge, for whipping his 4 year old son with a Tree branch. Ray Rice, was released by the Baltimore Ravens after the release of a video of Rice punching his fiancé unconscious and dragging her out of an elevator at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City
The original punishment was to suspend Rice for 2 games, but since a 2nd tape was revealed showing
The punch knocking his “wife” off her feet and smashing her head on the elevator hand rail ... knocking her out cold, and when the door opened, he drags her out onto the hotel floor. And the outcry about the NFL Commissioners light punishment, he punishment was adjusted to  Indefinitely, after initially giving him a two-game ban. It also led the N.F.L. to order an outside investigation into how league officials investigated the case.
So my question is, if the NFL should not get involved with off-field issue’s, and not punish these Thugs for things such as Child Abuse, and Domestic Violence, why should the NBA have gotten involved with
Donald Sterling, a Team’s Owner having a “Private” conversation in his own home on his own telephone and punish him by TAKING HIS TEAM AWAY AND FINING HIM MILLIONS OF DOLLARS?
This was stickily a case of his arguing on the phone with is “Girlfriend” who was ILLEGALLY taping the conversation!.  There is no basis for stripping him of his own team, and his livelihood because of his racist statements were ILLEGALLY recorded during a quarrel in which he was clearly deeply upset.

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