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Friday, January 23, 2015

What Else Can Be Said?

The whole World reeks with chaos, terrorism, and even wars. Today we heard that ISIS has claimed to have beheaded one of their Japanese hostages, and is offering a Prisoner  swap for the other. They are still holding all those young girls hostage, and the latest report is that they are training them to fight for them, others are being sold as  Sex Slaves!
 Iran is steadily getting closer, and closer, toward acquiring nuclear weapons, with  apparently NO disapproval of the Obama administration. The end of the Iraqi war that was once hailed as the Obama administration’s greatest successes is now being occupied by ISIS who is even worse then the al qaeda bunch that is still “On The Run”. Well that’s what we have been told at least 32 times since the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that was blamed on a "video". But “What difference does it make now” And what you don’t hear much about is the Carnage in Syria, and the dominance of the extremist groups, who are maybe the single greatest threat to the United States’s National Security!
   But “What difference does it make now”
The American-backed government of Yemen, who "was"a key ally in the war against Islamic terror in that area, has fallen and has completely collapsed, another accomplishment of the Arab Spring that was backed by President Obama.  In Nigeria, Boko Haram slaughters thousands of people and now controls much of Africa’s richest country. And what do you know, Russia continues to chip away at the Ukraine. 

And the entire Democrat Party is obviously suffering brain damage.

Obama will be remembered as keeping his promise to close Gitmo and the releases of  all those terrorist prisoners, who have been enemies of America, and who are reported to be returning to the Battle Field to once again kill Americans. .
To say that Obama  has "
only" two more years left to destroy the U.S., is not anything that I want to cheer about.  The whole freeken world can collapse in two years.
Just look at what how state of our economy has fallen since the  of the nation’s healthcare system came into effect after Obama’s implementing it after a series of his  boldfaced lies, and with all that, he still won a second term.  My God, what does that say about the American voter?

Yes, what a year this has been, Obama couldn’t find the time to go to the Rally and march in Paris where 40 other World leaders went to show their solidarity to the people of France over the latest Terrorist Attack at Charlie Hebdo. However he did send in the Clowns John Kerry and that old Hippy James Taylor who made you want to Vomit as he sang “You’ve got a friend”. Makes me think that there is hope in Iran, all we have to do is have John Kerry bring Elton John to express solidarity against Boko Haram and sing "Candle In The Wind." This had been a year where the “Reverend”  Al Sharpton told us that he was not happy about the nominations of Hollywood's Academy Awards, because a Black actor and director was “Snubbed”.  Well who really gives a crap!
 Flash back a bit and you'll find a man whom The New York Times reported that he (Sharpton) has “more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his phoney for-profit businesses.
And this is the same man who has been rubbing elbows lately with the President of the United States and as a civil rights ‘leader”.  He also dictates to the Mayor of New York Bill di Blasio and Gov. Andrew  Cuomo about what should be done about the NYC Police who shot a couple of Thugs that happened to be Black! And who had exploited the racial event in Ferguson, Missouri. And that he's going to lead protests = riots, all over the two cities.  That’s really progress.

The Palestinians who have refused every single opportunity to become an independent state and who were this offered by the UN and by Israel, but found reason to refuse, now insist that they should be recognized as one. And Dear Leader, once again threatens not to even see Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s when he plans to speak before Congress in March. It’s no wonder that no one respects him! He acts like a child screaming and stomp his feet, whenever he don’t get his way.

And with all of this crap-ola going on, we now are seeing the emergence of Global Warming happening once again.  Designed to scare the crap out of weak-minded people and to fill the pockets of Con-Artists like Al Gore, and groups like “Friends of the Earth”.
But yes indeed, Osama is dead, but GM is alive, and the world is burning while Barack Obama fiddles.   However he did find and take the  time to give interviews to four YouTube celebrities including a young black female MORON who take baths with milk and fruit loops. Oh well you can say whatever you want about Obama and lots of things have been said about him, but you must admit, he has never been accused of being a leader!

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