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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Is Obama Making Excuses for the Riots?

Is Obama Making Excuses for the Riots? Has he blame Bush yet? 

This is just your average Obama voter type of protest, leftists always behave this way when protesting. Remember the riots in Brooklyn, NY when Obama's buddy Al Sharpton led them!  Well the same things happened back then, fires, looting, and deaths.   This is nothing new, rioting is the new norm.
Ya want change?  Put a conservative in the White House come next year. And be sure NOT to vote for Hillary, she's gonna give us more of what Obama gave us.  Remember, we get what we deserve.

 The rioting in Baltimore has gotten so bad that now the Governor has called in the National Guard to try and restore order, yet some members of the media, and the administration are spinning the unrest to take blame off the rioters.  Singing that same old poverty song.  Blaming the "Lack of Jobs"  Blaming povert!  

Maybe instead of engaging in violence and massive property destruction, a bit more education would help.  And that means GOING TO SCHOOL instead of hanging out in the shcool yars playing Basketball and bunmming around on the corners selling and buying Drugs. Lets face it, did you ever hear about white people rioting?

But no, they would rather hold the police responsible for their wrong doings every time one of them gets killed. 
Maybe if the authorities would make these thugs clean up their mess after the riots are over, and force them to help rebuild. It will be the first time they've had a job in years.


  1. Dude, of course Obama is making excuses for all of this. He and his party gain when there is dependency and hopelessness: when that is the prevailing attitude of the majority, they stay in power. Yes, the precious few Democrat office holders, roadies and special interests that support these few scoundrels. These evil rats WANT people to riot, to be miserable and most importantly, to remain ignorant.

    All of this is for naught, if the down trodden actually figure out that they are being played as dupes, as jamokes. The vast minority of Democrats have to be able to convince these dopes that they will help them, while demonizing their opposition. And they get elected and re-elected by doling out the measly Obama phones, food stamps and earned income tax credits, which the dopes can actually see, use and spend. And of course, these handouts are chump change, and most down trodden folks can only afford to pay the cable bill, buy a case or two of beer and a bag of Cheetos. Then the money's gone, and they are angry that they don't have more than that.

    And this anger leads to the brick throwing and arson we all see on TV. Democrats WANT things this way. As horrible as that sounds on its face, there is no other logical way to look at what their policies and lies to the ignorant bring about.