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Sunday, May 3, 2015

What happened in Baltimore?

What happened in Baltimore will no doubt result in the same thing that happened in Ferguson….
It  will go down as a Police Cover-up, and the Cops will be hung out to dry.  If the courts don’t find it that way, then Race-baitor Al Sharpton will see to that. It’s unfortunate but it seems no one cares about the truth, it’s the protestors and the Rioters who wins in the end.  The Police Officers are now going to be judged on keeping the peace. Apparently that’s how the process works now in the new America!  The thugs doing the looting and rioting eventually get their way.
Freddy Gray was just another innocent “Gentle Giant” that was picked on by those “Racist” Cops.

Is it possible that 3 Black Cops could engage in racial profiling?

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  1. I'm waiting for the term 'Uncle Toms' to be used. The 3 Black cops don't fit the profile.
    Right Truth