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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ban, Ban, Ban, That's The Liberal's Answer to Everything

The horrific mass shooting and killing of nine African Americans inside a Charleston, South Carolina, church last week by a sicko white supremacist who had his picture taken holding the Confederate battle flag has once again brought up the old debate over weather or not the Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism
The country seems to be about equally divided on this, to half of Americans, the answer is yes. well I respectfully disagree, I say, NO this flag is not a symbol of racism.
 First off, if they choose to fly this flag, it is their right to do so as is your right to call others stupid for doing it. Does either of those make anyone feel  better? I think not.
I’m sure that everyone is aware that sadly, racism does still exist but not just in the south where they fly the Confederate Flag, but everywhere in America. Just as it still exists in cities like Baltimore or in Ferguson, Missouri where the Blacks burnt down half of their own city and looted and burned to the ground dozens of stores, and in Staten Island NY, where looters ransacked that CVS along with dozens of other stores. There wasn’t any Confederate Flags involved there!
If you think the Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism you need of a history lesson. The Northern economy depended on slavery, And so did the Southern economy. The American Stars and Stripes flag flew over slavery for 86 years, the Confederate only 4.
Removing a flag will never stop any of these idiots and bigots. However some education might..
The Confederate Flag is not racist slave ship never sailed under the Confederate flag. They sailed under the American Flag. The Confederate flag represents Southern heritage, not hate like the Liberals will say it does. .Yes it is true that racists will find any excuse for their racism. And yes, I would agree that they might find the flag an excuse for their racism, but a racist will be a racist with or without the flag.  And taking down the flag is not going to change the mind of one single racist.  .
President Obama says that it is time to retire the Confederate flag to museums, where it belongs.  Well I have always disagreed with president Obama and I disagree with him on this issue as well.
Does the Confederate flag represent racism. Look at any photograph of the KKK you will never find a single Confederate flag in any photograph of their ceremonies, none!   but plenty of American flags, so shall we ban the American flag which flew over the KKK meetings?
The Stars and Stripes flew over American slave ships, which mainly transported slaves from Africa to the Caribbean and to America. It flew over many of the  states, particularly Massachusetts, where prominent families made fortunes in slave trade!  And look who also came from Massachusetts?  The Kennedy’s and the Kerry’s to name a few.
So is there of the stupid symbols, signs, clothing, or flags that we can ban and not allow  anymore?  Or Foods, and Drinks?

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  1. well I am sure the Kennedy's had a few slaves. They do have their skeletons though. In other words don't mess with power
    Oddly the guy who was supposed to testify for the prosecution in the Michal Skekal trial happened to die from an overdose just before the trial.. I wonder whose list is longer the Kennedy's or the Clinton s