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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Donald Trump is NOT a Clown

No, Donald Trump is NOT a Clown, Donald Trump would not be where he is today if he wasn’t smart.  The real clowns are currently in the White House.  There has never been such a Clown as Joe Biden and there has never been a president as inept as Barack Obama.  Nor has there ever been anyone as UNQUALIFIED to be president as Hillary Clinton is.
Trump is definitely a man of unquestionable intelligence, if you want to talk about accomplishments, look at his accomplishments.  I’d match his against any of the Democrats in the past 20 years, anytime!
As long as he can put Americans to work at real paying jobs and off of welfare and assistance food stamps  like we have now, Who cares about his “funny” hair. You want to talk about “Funny”, I can do that til Kingdom comes about the parade of idiotic Liberals we have seen around Washington lately, starting with Barney Frank, to Michael Moore, to Joe Biden, to Nancy Pelosi.    . We need someone with business sense to get people working again at jobs they can at least hope to pay their bills.  And talk about paying their Bills, at least the tax-payers won’t have to pay for Trumps vacations or his wife’s, or his wife’s Mother-in laws.
Sure, Trump can be a big blowhard with a lot of talk,. But he also knows business better than any politician in congress, and it takes a businessman to get people working.
I have to laugh at the Liberals and progressives blogging today calling him a totally overrated clown who speaks without knowing facts..  That is the exact description of Barack Obama.  Say what you may about Trump, but “Not knowing Facts”?  Trump knows exactly the facts and he acts accordingly.

“Trump is Rich"?
So what?  What’s wrong with being rich?  Was Kennedy rich?  Is John Kerry Rich?  And don’t tell me about the Clinton being Poor either!
No, Donald Trump is NOT a Clown!  He’s as smart as they come.
Theres a lot more to being the president than spending 5 years talking about a "hoax” like Global Warming, or drawing a “Red Line” in the sand. Or playing Basketball with Kobe Bryant, or Golf with Tiger Woods, or sunning himself in Hawaii.
Or Covering Up the deaths of 4 Americans.


  1. Dude:

    We'll see how The Donald does shortly. Populism works in politics. So does spending gobs of money. Both worked like a charm for Barack Obama.

    And he certainly has name recognition. These talking heads who are writing The Donald off as a side show are likely going to be eating crow.

    I see him going far in the primaries. Money, tough talk about ISIS, China, Mexico and illegal immigration, and of creating jobs based on the thousands he himself has created, along with his personality and popularity, what kind of idiot is going to ignore all of that. The Donald has the chops to make some serious political hay.

    The guy's got a lot of ammo, and he's already blasting away. I could certainly vote for Donald Trump if he's the last man standing.