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Monday, July 27, 2015

Hillary Clinton, A Sack of Lies.

Hillary Clinton claims  to be fighting for women’s rights! . What women, and what rights??
The right for her husband to be the first US President to receive a BJ in the Oval office?  Cigars, gate?
I still find it strange that the right was so upset about the “Right-wing conspiracy, and yet she wasn’t that upset at her Husband!  The right to lie about her daughter and her running from gun fire at the Airport in Bosnia?  We all witnessed that lie didn’t we! So I guess she’s fighting for the right to lie her way out of every cover up and scandals?
She placed her own power hungry ambitions ahead of the choices any other women in her place would had made..and chose to “Stand By Her Man” the unethical choice! That only goes to show that unethical, immoral, dishonorable, and depraved conduct was tolerated because of her need for power..
She chose to Stand By Her Lies, from the Benghazi coverup, to her e-mail server, she's been lying for so long she can't remember which stories were true or which were lies anymore.
How can we forget... White Water - gate,E-mail server - gate, Cattle futures 'deal' - gate, Travelgate, BENGHAZI - gate.   How can we forget. Hillary Clinton’s words:  “What difference does it make?”
The staged interviews, and the rehearsed questions and answers? The fake grin, and Southern accent?
And yet some of you can't wait to vote for her because you're dumb enough to believe she believes the nonsense she spouts..
Bottom line, Hillary Clinton is a despicable person, and I don't want this Women as MY President!

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