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Friday, July 24, 2015

Why the Hell Not?

I think that it’s time that I get this off my chest... I happen to like Trump, I like the fact that he isn’t afraid to say what he wants to and the devil may care about what the media thinks. I like his style, I agree that perhaps he goes overboard in his manner of presenting his side of the issues at times... no question about that, but he says what needs to be said and the people want to hear a candidate say these things. And further I will support Donald Trump for as long as he is a viable candidate, even if it’s as an Third party candidate.
I agree with “The Donald” and I think that McCain HAS done very little for our veterans also.
And yes, I do agree that POWs have earned our respect and admiration, and I do respect anyone who wears the uniform of an American Soldier, I have respect for all those who serve in our military, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that McCain is a Moron, and that goes for Lindsey Graham as well. .
If that causes you to not like me, if it gives you problems, just dump me from your ”friend” list on these blogs l, you don’t need to try and start a name-calling pissing contest...I’m enjoying watching the media, the rest of the Grand Old RINOs, and especially the leftist, progressive IDIOT’S have shit fits over him. For once we are seeing someone who says it like it is, and it doesn’t matter to him who gets pissed off with what he has to say. I like that about him, even if I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says, it’s refreshing to hear him say it. So for right now at least, I am a Trump supporter. Like it or not, he's appealing to a lot of people who are SICK and TIRED if the Status Quo, the Sick Pathetic, existing state of affairs. Yes the Democratic choice of clowns, like Hillary, sanders, or Biden... what a trio of idiots.
Trump may not be the typical or the conventional candidate/politician, and he shoots his mouth off and offends some people, BUT he is a leader and can get things done. Things that all the roach motel low life liars in the White House as well as the democratic candidates.
And let me say this to all you Dump Trump people (who mostly are Democrats anyway), perhaps the lying, scandalist, law breaking Hillary might consider saying something more that talking about her daughter’s wedding and pregnancy, or is she afraid of saying the wrong thing and upsetting her supporters? This Lying, Ugly Old Hag is Not fit to be President!! And that goes for Pocahontas as well


  1. Like you, I'm sick to the core of the whining from the RINO's -- most of all, the anti-Trump proclamations from Karl Rove.