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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Is Hillary Toast? Well, it’s sure starting to look that way. Hillary is and always has been a hideous candidate, even for a Democrat! How can anyone take a cheating Lying evil women like her serious? She’s a lot more dangerous than Donald Trumps Hair!
The Hildabeast is in some deluded state of greatness seems to think the American public is buying her lies such as landing in Bosnia under fire, and the list goes on and on and on... The democrats are NOT drinking plain old Kool-Aid, anymore. Now, their drinking Hillary's Douche Water. Because it takes an extra level of stupidity to look past the LYING, the STEALING, and the INFLUENCE PEDDLING.

She "claims' to be fighting for women. What women?
The ones who her husband raped? The ones who let him stick cigars in them? The ones she should have had the character and spine to stand up to by dumping that sexual predator of a husband over? The ones that were taken advantage of because they were young & stupid?
And yet some of brain-dead progressives can't wait to vote for her because you're dumb enough to believe she believes the nonsense, and the LIES that she spouts.
She placed her own power hungry ambitions ahead of ANY moral choices. It shows that unethical conduct is tolerated in YOUR hypocritical party. Scandals are becoming a trend in YOUR hypocritical party. Hillary is not changing anybodies mind, except those who are looking for more Free Stuff, or her Hypocrisy about forgiving student debt, or Free tuition, or some new “freebie”giveaway, or who are used to buying crap from Snake-Oil salesmen.

And these are the same folks that call Trump names, and make fun out of his hair!
His Hair? Give us a frikken break!

Deal with it, the Hildabeast is toast.  And hopefully so is her Lying Daughter.


  1. A casual observer might conclude that Hillary's political ambitions have been dealt a severe blow by these recent FBI relevations about top secret info being sent on this evil crone's private server.

    BUT....wait for it......she has weathered really bad scandals many, MANY times prior to this one. And she does so by the tried and true page out of the Clinton playbook; deny, deny deny. Then wait for the media to move on to other things, and count on the truly limited memory of the American voting public to cleanse her plate of any perceived wrong doing.

    We'll see, Dude. This time may be different, since Obama calls the shots at the justice department, and they are the ones to prosecute her if any malfeasance is proved. It's different this time, because Obama flat out doesn't like the Clintons. Let's hope he turns the dogs loose..

  2. Yes indeed we wi see Fredd. Hopefully we will see Hillary in Jail. Ah, but that's only wishful thinking.

  3. I think it's high time that you liberals give it up and GET OUT of our way.
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  4. We'll see, Dude. This time may be different, since Obama calls the shots at the justice department