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Monday, August 10, 2015

Trump's Latest and Questionable Remark.

To you people who are arguing over the truth or factuality of the Latest Comment by Donald Trump. (if indeed it was factual).  I’d like to ask you something...  Would you rather hand-over our country to the corrupt, lying Hillary Clinton or another progressive socialist democrat hell bent on continuing Obama’s transformative policies towards communism.

First off, lets agree that Megyn Kelly targeted Trump from the get-go with the kind of provocative, questions, that she did not and would never ask of any of the others on that platform. There was no doubt in my mind that Megyn Kelly was out to assassinate Trump that night.  But, despite her and the other moderators  efforts, their attacks only made Trump stronger and gave him an even higher standing in the polls.
Trump maybe a lot of things as are most of the other candidates running, but you can bet your last dollar that he is NOT a socialist, Communist, Muslim loving traitor who follows Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals .  I’ll leave that to Hillary and the other progressive socialist democrats.
I would NOT trust Hillary Clinton to govern our nation any more than I’d trust Barack Obama.
 But right now, I’m for Donald Trump.  Yes, he may have a  temper problem, but I know that he Loves this country.
Now you can Carry On with your rants about  Free Lunches, Free Breakfasts, and turning this country into the Land of "Entitlements" Slavery, The Culture War, Racism, and more of  Michelle Obama’s ridiculous bullshit, like her excuse’s for people being be Jobless!

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