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Thursday, October 25, 2012


So that famous 3:00AM  phone call came and what did Obama do?
He woke up, and he turned over to Michelle and said, "Have it transferred to Hillary, honey. 

Let her deal with it, she’s even a bigger story teller than I am. She’ll most likely  make up a story about a spontaneous protest that was caused by a video that upset the Muzzies.
Besides I have to get up early and fly to Vegas, I have a fund-raiser the next day with JayZ,
And what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!
 And then I have to fly off to film a show with Letterman. " and then he hit the snooze button.


  1. Come on Dude, get your priorities straight. Helping our people over there won't get him any more votes, won't raise him any more money, won't do him any good compared to a good night's sleep. Why should he worry about them? Besides, the war on terror is over, HE killed Osama! To call that a terrorist attack would make him look like a liar and a BOZO, can't let that happen. Spittttt!

  2. AA said...........

    "To call that a terrorist attack would make him look like a liar and a BOZO"

    Well, that's quite true but, then again, he always looks that way to me!