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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Infamous Horses And Bayonets, and Aircraft Carriers

 In yesterday’s interview with a  Denver TV reporter Our Dear “Gutsy” Leader refused to answer questions twice as to whether the Americans who were under siege in that Benghazi arrack on September 11, 2012, were denied requests for help, saying once again that he’s waiting for the results of investigations before making any conclusions about what went wrong. After being asked about possible denials of requests for aid, and whether it’s fair to tell Americans that what happened is under investigation and won’t be released until after the election, the president said, “the election has nothing to do with four brave Americans getting killed! 
Is he kidding? How can this outrageous incident NOT be about the election? Do we NOT have the right to know if we have a COWARD and accomplice to MURDER running for re-election to Presidency? 
Barack Hussein Obama has No Guts and No honor. And he certainly isn't qualified to be the Commander in Chief of these brave Americans.
Sorry old Boy but us American’s aren’t going to let you get off the hook that easily, not without an answer that’s going to make any sense and we know that there isn’t any such answer.  You can throw all of your stooges under that Bus, from Hillary, to Susan Rice, to Petraeus, and even Valerie Jarrett, it’s still not going to get YOU off the hook. And if anybody deserves an answer to what happened that night it's Mr. Woods, the father of that Brave Hero Tyrone Woods and the other families of the fallen. The same former Seal Patriot Tyrone Woods that had sworn an oath to defend the constitution, but knew better and disobeyed that “Stand down” order given by Obama’s administration, and did what he could to protect our Consulate personnel, and paid for it with is life.  The same father of that Brave Hero Tyrone Woods, who Joe Biden addressed when they were carrying out his Son’s body in a casket saying “Boy your Son had Balls bigger than Cue Balls”. Talk about Class!
Yes Obama, and company should be held responsible for sacrificing  4 Brave American lives for political reasons and blaming a video so that he wouldn’t  sacrifice his chances of losing the election over it, and he had the nerve to say that Mitt Romney was politicizing this.  Now the only question is why?  Why was he hiding this by that stupid Cockamamy Video story? Exactly what was and still is hiding?
And he say that “this has nothing to do with the election”?  Well he’s wrong!  THIS ELECTION HAS A LOT TO DO WITH THE DEATH OF 4 AMERICANS.
Obama and company denied 3 requests for help in Benghazi!  Is that who we want to lead us for another 4 miserable years?  I think not. No wonder he doesn’t want to talk about it.  I'm sure the Military, and especially the Navy Seals, and their families want to talk about it.  Shame on ALL of YOU in this administration, your dirty Hoofprints are all over this!

I will be honest with you, when the debate first started I didn't think that  Romney was strong at all on foreign policy. Yes, he was just dynamite and he knew his way around on jobs, and on the economy.
And he did a super job  on explaining how women should get married before they have children, a point that Mr. Obama should have been making for years. I wonder why he hasn’t? …Could it be because of the high percentage of unwed young black mothers?  It is a fact that 72 percent of Black Kids are raised by single parents in a single parent household when only 25 percent overall In the whole United Stated.

But when he was asked a question about  Obama's response to the murders by an al Qaeda affiliate in Benghazi, Mr. Romney completely got flustered by an outright lie by Obama and I thought was kind of weird. I thought tat Romney was going to slam him on that one but he didn’t press it as far as i thought he was going to.

It was the first question, and Romney addressed it briefly and moved on. As he did so Obama interjected and tried to bring Romney back to Bengazi.  I'm sure that the Obama advisers spent a huge amount of time on rehearsing the answers and countering this question, because they expected this topic to play a large role in this debate. They had apparently laid a trap to get Romney into one of their  silly, childish, and wise-ass comebacks  which they hoped would become the debate memorable line of the night.  But it didn’t happen, and Obama was pissed and steamed about it because he wasted all of that precious time rehearsing his cute come-backs. Obama must have desperately wanted to deliver those come-back lines because Bengazi was the one subject he should have wanted to avoid at any cost.  But instead he seemed eager to keep that subject alive.
So I think that Romney played that out perfectly.

And then the lies spilled like water from  Niagara Falls.  Obama falsely said that he had called the murders in Benghazi a terrorist act the day after September 11th at the Rose Garden. .And for a minute Romney was seemed bewildered about what to say. Obama further told the outrageous self serving lie that in a democracy, the President should not be criticized over a defense/foreign policy disaster.  Well that didn’t go over to well

Let's look at the facts, at what actually DID happen:

Obama gave a lengthy speech on September 12, after the murders in Libya, in which he first of all apologized to the Muslims for that terrible video that ignited the whole “protest”. Then he talked about the terrorism of September 11, 2001, and his visits to some graves of some victims. It was in that context that he mentioned terrorist acts. NOT, and I repeat NOT in the context of the killings in Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. He was still blaming this whole thing on and that  mob attack on that video. Taking his own words out of context to excuse his inexcusable kowtowing to the Islamists was disgraceful, and there was NO need for any of his famous appoligies, but frankl coming from him, it was not surprising. But for Romney to not whip his ass on that one,  was a disappointment. I thought that Romney might have said, "Sir, you were covering up for the al Qaeda affiliates most of September and you are still covering up for your incompetence. It is insulting to the us American’s, and you are asking them for their vote?
But when anyone dares to question or dispute or challenge anything that this man says it's "playing politics."
But we should dispute and challenge it if we don’t believe it.  If this is how Obama misunderstands the First Amendment, he should not be in high office.

But Romney missed that moment, too.
Romney was served up the juiciest ball right over the plate when Mr. Bob Schieffer asked him about Libya. Instead of saying:

"Mister President, you and your State Department lied about it from day one. You were asked and even begged  for more security by our consulate in Benghazi. You turned it down. When you were repeatedly warned about violence on the anniversary of 9/11, but you decided to ignored the warnings. When the attacks came, you lied about it and kept lying about it and you sent our Hillary,
Defense Secretary Leon Penetta, and Susan Rice and even that little wimp you call your Press Secretary to lie about it as well. You tried to pretend it was a “spontaneous” mob protest ot that Video that no one there even knew about until YOU brought it to their attention when you knew it was al Qaeda.  Fox News reported it was al Qaeda right away, even the President of Lybis sais so. .Protesting mobs don't travel around with mounted cannons and launching grenades. . Protesting mobs don't have mortars. But you kept lying about it over and over again. The day afer the ambassador was killed, you were so broken up about it that you flew to Vegas for a fund raiser with your rich Las Vegas pals, and then you even went on the David Letterman show and denied that it was a planned Terrorist attack.
You live in a fantasy world where you told us that we have beaten al Qaeda.
Yes a fantasy world. You even still say tha Major Hasan, the Fort Hood murderer, was just a workplace stress killing when he was clearly linked to al Qaeda.  No, you still haven’t callled those murders at Fort Hood terrorism. Even though the killer was screaming "Allah-hu akbar," you can call it workplace stress killing all you want to but who do you think you're fooling?

You also covered up the Black Panther voter intimidation at the polling booth in 2008. And your Attorney General another one of your stooges refused to prosecute them. You have covered up that your green energy schemes for your cronies. Your administration is all about coverups.

But Romney did not say anything like that, and i was really disappointed.

And how about the language that your Vice President uses?  Don’t you know that Presidents or Vice President are not supposed to call their opponents idiots? And they are not supposed to laugh at their opponents like a Hyena!

 And when Obama told that whopper about how Romney wants to spend more than the Pentagon even asked for, WHY DIDN'T ROMNEY SAY, That's a flat out lie. The Pentagon asks for what you command them to ask for. They don’t make demands! But they have said time and time again that they cannot defend the nation with the cuts you are ordering.!  This was said by every General for the past 3 years.  That in my opinion would have been the answer.
Romney just kept on repeating basically nothing except that he knows all about business.
And to me, it was a bit discouraging. But then I had a thought.
 Maybe, just maybe, Romney is a bit more cleaver than I am.
And maybe, just maybe his high polling results that shows that  his current momentum has been strong because of the way he has been playing Obama and that he cannot lose if he just avoids controversy. Thus, if he continues to give these soft answers that turn away any chance of Obama hitting a Home Run, and let Obama comes across as angry and condescending, and let his dumb-ass Vice President continue to make an ass out of himself with his stupid jokes and his smirks . Maybe. But maybe not. Maybe it was just a bad night for Mr. Romney after all..

Words don't matter as much as body language when voters decide on the man they trust to lead the nation.  Despite all the policy debates, all the fact checking, a we can smell who is the rogue.  Even our nose knows who is the real leader.  We can smell the difference between a winner and a loser..
Mitt Romney passed the smell test for the third time last night, and Barack Obama failed.

Choosing a president isn't a popularity contest, or even a beauty contest,   although if it were Mitt Romney didn't look nearly as bad a Barack Obama seem to.  Body language showed who won that debate.  The way one conducts himself on that platform was obvious to all,   .   Obama acted like an attack dog,  threatening to bite.  But he didn't  come close to even getting teeth into Romney a single time, maybe he barked a lot and grinned a lot not quite as much as his VP attack dog, but he did come a close second .  Obama's attempt to win that debate came across as a hostile bully, even condescending at times. His ridiculous reference to Bayonets and Horses, and his cute remark about Aircraft Carriers didn't exactly go over to well.

But that stupidity didn't faze Romney, and he didn't win anyone with it either, especially that all important Woman's vote. In fact I think that it cost him a big chunk of the Women's vote.  Because he made himself smell like a nasty snapping dog, and that didn't help him at all.  All thought he thought he was very cute!
Voters, especially Women voters want a leader and a President who acts Presidential and Gentleman like.  Not a wise ass grinning Bully.   And they want a leader who will never run from a fight, but who run to win a fight if our Country or it's citizens are in danger!Not someone who is big on promises, but not trustworthy.  At the end of every day for Obama, it's always all about Obama. And all about  Michelle who is having  a ball in the White House on the countries American Express card.  And having a grand old time with Hollywood Celebrities and going on the nightly Talk shows. And yes even going to Las Vegas fundraisers, while our Libyan Ambassador and his staff are denied security during a 7 hour attack in Benghazi, Libya and is dragged through the streets. 

And now he is paying for it all. Mitt Romney is scoring hit in the latest polls and Our Dear leader obviously wants to reverse the momentum that Romney has been enjoying ever since the first debate. 
So I guess we can say that Romney's debate strategy, was masterful, and that Obama  failed as his policies have failed over the past four years.  Mitt Romney came across as Presidential and well-informed. He was serious, and well-informed.  And in contrast Obama was intense, aggressive, defensive, nervous, desperate;, and unlikeable. He made remarks and accusations that were so petty and small that Romney walked all over.  Romney was focused on the "big picture" and successfully spoke about the  nation's foreign policy and linked it all to the weak economy. 

 What I loved  most was whenever Obama tried to  throw out another dirty accusation against Romney, Mitt followed up saying 
"Attacking me is not an agenda."
 Romney went through the long list of countries in the Middle East visited by Obama early in his presidency, and his Ciro speech and pointed out that visited just about every Arab Nation but  he did not visit Israel.  He quoted Obama as promising those nations that America would no longer "dictate" to them.  Romney responded, "We have not dictated; we have liberated.

Bottom line!

The CIA'S  requests for help during Benghazi attack were denied, if we had brought in forces when they were first requested, the lives of the Ambassador and the others may have been saved.

I know that our Crazy Uncle Joe loves his new slogan - "Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors Is Alive." But it's time to STOP spiking that ball already.  That isn't going to do it any longer.

Obama/Biden is in trouble  and Romney/Ryan is not.


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