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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Obama Went to Sleep While Four Brave Americans Were Brutally Killed!

The American people are now learning that despite all the efforts of the Obama administration exactly what happened on that terrible day in  Benghazi, Libya.
 And that this entire raid on the consulate and the slaughter of 4 Brave Americans including an American Ambassador and a Hero named Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods.  We are now getting the truth behind the Cover-Up portrayed by Obama and the Obama team of liars, including Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, David Petraeus, and that Smirking Chimp Joe Biden.  The whole team of lying COWARDS who tried to sell us the story that the attack that led to deaths and destruction was all because of the mobs reaction to a low-budget anti-Islam video and told to us repeatedly for two weeks, And Obama even has the gaul to stand up in front of the whole world at the UN and continued to blame the loss of life to these Brave Americans in Benghazi in a little unknown Film maker who is still to this day is being jailed unnecessarily under false pretenses.  The White House, and it’s occupants was fully aware that what was happening was the work of a terrorist attack. They all sat there watching it in Real Time!  Yes they all watched it happening in the same Situation Room where Mr. “Gutsy” made the call to kill Osama bin Laden.  You remember that, we hear Joe Biden reminding us about it just about every week or sometimes every day!  This was the same Situation Room where Beyonce and Jay-Z had visited earlier as pay-back for their Fund-Raiser.
For five of the seven hours that the four Americans struggled to stay alive. President Obama and his tem of “Guts” chose to do nothing to stop this slaughter, even thought we had troops stationed only about one hour away in Italy.

And it even gets worse yet, while Ambassador Christopher Stevens was being tortured, raped, and eventually killed, the “Gutsy” president, who had plans to go to Las Vegas for a fund-raiser the next day, went to sleep because he had to get up early. You tell me how any Commander in Chief could go to sleep knowing that their were life-saving troops about an hour away who could possibly have saved some of these lives?
So where does that bring us now?  It brings us to the November election only about a week away.  And it brings us to a very important decision.  A decision that should be as clear as the day is long.  Despite Obama nd his cronies  desperate attempts to convince Americans that he single handedly made that “Gutsy” call, a call that ANY United States President would have made, but he insists that it was “HIS” call to rid the world of the most notorious terrorist, Osama bin Laden, and the fact that he hasn’t done anything else except put this country into the worse economical shape since the Great Depression, the Bin Laden  slayer is still losing his credibility with the majority of the American voters.

Perhaps if he acted honestly and at least attempted to rescue those four Americans from that awful attack, even if he wasn’t successful, his reelection prospects would be a bit different today!
Despicable? Shameful? Disgusting?
All of the above!   Lets get these buffoons OUT of the White House.


  1. Exactly!

    The truth is seeping out, and now Obama is in full damage-control mode.

    I note that most news media avoid the part about the rape of our ambassador.

    Now, one story has it that all this that went on for hours was watched live in the Situation Room! How could anyone watch that savagery and do nothing?

  2. Thanks for your comments folks, be safe in the storm.


  3. Obama, Clinton, and Penetta knew exactly what transpired and that it was a terrorist attack that very night. Yet, they lied for days and days about it being caused by some video. They have lied to the American people about the deaths of our own citizens and no one has called them on it. This is outrageous and one of the biggest coverups in recent history. This should be headline story on every news channel. Obama wants all the credit for Bin Laden but none of the blame for Benghazi. Odd don't you think... or isn't it!…

  4. What angers me is how the White House and the MSM have done their darnedest to cover up this story. Obama had a party to attend the next day, so what if four Americans were being brutally attacked.

    I wish this would wake up so many of his supporters.

  5. Leticia,

    "I wish this would wake up so many of his supporters."

    So do I, but it's impossible. Think about [why] they supported him to begin with. If they haven't awakened after almost four years it ain't going to happen! Thanks, always, for your sage comments.

  6. Have you seen THIS? My God! How much more damning can the information get?

  7. Where the hell is FEMA?