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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lance Armstrong Fesses Up On The Oprah Show.

So after he disgraced his Country, disgraced his Sport, disgraced his fellow Cyclist and showed the entire world that he’s a Liar and a Doper, he wants us to forgive and forget and get another chance. .And we let this pathetic liar go on National Television and plead for forgiveness after he got caught two decades later. Shame on him for even thinking that he would be forgiven and shame on any of us who actually watched that crap.
But, hey what the heck, this is America, why not try the Hillary, Bill Clinton strategy?
If Hillary and Bill Clinton can get away with lying, then why can't Lance Armstrong?
The only difference is that Lance Armstrong is finished, and Hillary Clinton might wind up being the President of the United States of America.
Actually the only difference is that Hillary won’t bother going on Oprah’s show. That’s more for MooChelle


  1. Liberals like Lance Armstrong like Anthony Weiner, and David Letterman, and yes Hillary Clinton are big on apologies after they get caught!
    I shouldn’t be surprised, liberals like to give excuses for their misdeeds. Well good luck with that nonsense. It’s time to roll up the welcome for these useful idiots and ignore them, and not give them a platform to ask for our forgiveness

  2. He must be desperate to appear with Oprah.