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Friday, January 4, 2013

Hillary Clinton Should Get the Golden Globe, and The Academy Award For Drama For This Fiction Crap!

For God's Sake! How much longer is the American public going to buy into these Hillary Clinton lies? Instead of putting Hillary Clinton's supposed health condition on the front page, why don't we have a story that pertains to the families of the four victims who were murdered in Benghazi, Libya, and what they are going through? There is a lot of unanswered questions that Her Highness Hillary has to answer, and this unresolved matter is not going to go away until she does..
Just when we thought we heard it all, she comes up with one excuse for not testifying after another!  Does anyone really believe that  that she just happen to lose her memory of the time prior to her falling! She may be going through personal dramas all of her own

 There are so many details to explain, and we as well as the families of FOUR DEAD AMERICAN'S want answered..So far there is NO evidence of anything. Why isn't there any questions from the corrupt main stream media?   Are we not supposed to question anything Saint Hillary says?  Especially that she is known to be a Pathological compulsive Liar!Didn’t she prove this when she was caught in a bold faced lie about her being “under sniper fire” while visiting Bosnia. Yet, more proof that she is a pathological liar.

Now we have the newest blood clot excuse for Her Highness Clinton to avoid testifying. How much of this crap do they expect us to swallow? Cańt we just move on already?
Is anyone else as fed up as I am with one excuse after another from a woman who, along with her boss The Lair in Chief  Barack Obama, didn't give proper aid to our fellow Americans abroad?


  1. While I can't attest to the veracity of this issue, per se, Hillary's entire public life has been fraught with very questionable integrity. In spite of this she still garners a high degree of approval from an increasingly gullible society. One thing that stands out as abundantly clear: B.O. does not want the Benghazi matter exposed for what it was; a total failure on the part of his Administration. Even if Hillary's alleged condition isn't a ruse, it serves to protract the inquiry away from the public 'spotlight'!

  2. Benghazi was another gun running scheme to the enemy and Stephens got caught (literally) with his pants down -- not so much unlike 'Fast and Furious.' The gun running, being just part of what was going on at Benghazi. Stephens and Benghazi weren't even supposed to exist.

    Like everything Bath House Barry has done, Benghazi came back and bit 'em on the ass. It'll be another 'Stall and Deny Until They Die.'

    And, par for the course with the Maggot Administration: "If they don't wanna die on their own, we'll help 'em out."

  3. All I can add is Amen

  4. bama killed Osama Bin Laden. and now he is killing America as well.

    The idiots in the Congress and in the Senate gives him everything so why should he even bother to negotiate or to compromise? ? He´s gotten everything he´s wanted so far. Congress has yet to challenge him on anything.
    We are surrounded by enemies on all sides, both foreign and domestic.