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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Obama Eliminates Breakfast for US Troops in Afghanistan, While He Stuffs His Own Face

You read it correctly! 
The Army has stopped serving cooked breakfasts to some of the U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan as part of its drawdown, a move that prompted troops to write home asking their families and friends to send care packages with cereal, breakfast bars and other foods.
The Army told the Washington Guardian the current cutbacks began Jan. 1, and affect about 2,700 soldiers deployed in forward operating bases in more remote areas of Afghanistan
We got what we deserve! We got what we voted for! The Democrats won, Obama won and America certainly did lose!

The Emperor Obama and the Moocher stuff their throats with only the best while our troops don’t  get crap for breakfast.  If you are a Vet and you voted for this Clown, then you should be ashamed of yourself.


  1. "If you..... voted for this Clown, then you should" not be allowed to EAT!

  2. bho hates our BEST as did/does b.clinton (he"Loathed" the military) remember him saying that!?

  3. To bad the Vets that voted for this CLOWN didn't see the handwriting on the wall before they pulled the lever.

  4. Obama is anti-military. All of Michelle's supposed support of military families is propaganda designed to lasso in votes.

  5. Another thought....Possible correlation with the fact that a cooked breakfast often includes pork.

  6. This SOB aka Obama and his pathetic wife have never hid their hatred and disdain for our military and our nation. They despise both. What better way to harm our soldiers than to leave them weak to fight against the enemy.

    AOW does have a point about the pork, too. Wouldn't to offend his Muslim buddies, by feeding the troops bacon or sausage.

    I am ashamed of any veteran who voted for this anti-American piece of poop.