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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What More Can Paula Deen Do To Be Forgiven?

What is happening to Paula Deen is disgusting, and SO UN-AMERICAN. . For using a single stupid world 30 years ago, she's being destroyed. What kind of shit is this?  We're going to destroy a person who has been a Icon in this country for a lifetime!  It's not right.

It's TIME to back up our freedom of speech with our support. Who knows you or I  may be savagely destroyed next! Don't think it can't happen, think again!.

The media doesn't say shit about all the racism coming from  the Black Entertainment world!  Why Not?   Did you ever hear these Holier than Thou Liberal  Entertainers say a word about the REAL racist’s like Robert Byrd, William Fullbright, or Al Gore, Sr. ?  Or those Black Racist SOB’s  Harry Belefonte, Jamie Foxx, Opah, Spike Lee, Morgen Freemen, Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover. and the list goes on and on.

Lets not stand by and put up with this shit!  These Progressives don’t, why should we?
Buy her books, Protest in the streets!  Tell your friends how you feel, don't be afraid of hurting their Liberal feelings. Why should she have to continue to suffer for one mistake she made half of a lifetime ago.
We are supposed to a forgiving society!  Do we only forgive when it suits "THEIR" purpose.  Was HER begging for forgiveness, not enough?

This whole thing is absurd. Blacks use the word all the time, yet non-blacks are not supposed to use it at all.. That's B.S..
The Constitution says: "The Freedom of Speech shall not be abridged." Abridged meaning: shortened or curtailed. If you don't like what someone says, walk away or turn the channel.
We're better then what they are doing to this Women.  And they say they want Civility, and Tolerance and to stop Bullying ? How about start right here, it’s time to fight for freedom of speech. Fight for it or lose it all.
We live in a country where the biggest concern for most Americans is who is going to win American Idol, and no one give a crap about anybody else. Especially a Older White Southern Women, who used the dreaded “N” word 30 years ago. .

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