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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Someone finally grew a pair!

Someone finally showed these Race Baiting Pimps the Back Door.

The Florida Sheriff told these Stupid Hollywood A-Holes where to go and he closed the door on the way out..  This guy who refused to be bulldozed by a band of black-mailers, and race hustlers declined his Invitation to Attend NAACP "Banquet"  I guess that's what they call a meeting where they throw insults at people they disagree with.
But this time they picked on the wrong guy... Sheriff Mike Scott of Lee County Florida blasted the NAACP for ignoring black on black violence but making a national commotion over the Zimmerman trial.. There needs to be a whole lot more folks start exposing the race baiters for what they are.  Lets hope that some others grow a pair and follow his example!!

PS....And of course the NAACP called him a "Racist."



    Good on Sheriff Mike Scott!

  2. Racist, huh?

    Who woulda thought?

  3. being called racist appears to be a compliment these days!!! what sheer madness we live in eh!