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Monday, April 21, 2014

Is This What They Meant When They Spoke About “Hope and Change” Is This an Example of Progress and Change?

This is NOT about a wealthy man, not about a plantation owner that owned slaves not about a man who is anti American. But that somehow don’t get through to these
useful idiot liberals. It doesn’t seem to matter to these deaf and dumb Libatard Tree-huggers that his family has worked this ranch in an area that no one and no one has ever before worked. It is pure desert. No slaves, no Indians (excuse me, I meant Native Americans), it’s not about the gays or lesbians, it’s about a man that ran this ranch his entire life until the government INCLUDING Harry Reid was set on taking it. Tell me I am wrong Mr. or Miss liberal.
Yes, now it's coming out that pathetic 'Dirty' Harry Reid and his son is involved in this crooked deal. It seems that Dirty Dingy Harry and the Chinese Government are making a Land Grab. Not surprising though, Harry Reid is well known for his corruption and shady real estate deals.
So the bottom line is that if Harry Reid can get away with making a deal with a land swap to make money off land that belonged to us the American people, then I say Mr.Bundy can do so also.
Now we have a Rancher standing up to Big Government
Lets not let theses communists, fascists, socialist criminals and the assortment of characters who live in a fantasy world get away with doing this.

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