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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First Amendment? My Ass! There Isn't Any First Amendment

Sorry folks, these PC idiots on the Left have forced me to be on the side of people like Sterling,  Chick-fil-a. and Paula Deen and Don Imus, etc. Why?  Not because I agree with what they said, but to defend their right to say whatever they want, especially in this guys case when he said what he did say in his own home on his own phone. But was set-up by that little Tramp and her Co-conspirator Magic Johnson.
Free speech in this country doesn't need the approval of anybody, and lest of all a bunch of 7 foot thugs!  If a man can’t say WHATEVER he wants to in the privacy of his OWN home, the we DON’T have Free Speech at all. Our first amendment rights are GONE!
And silly me, I always thought that the First Amendment guaranteed your right to free speech.  If so, then WHAT WAS HE FINED 2.5 MILLION DOLLARS FOR? What did he do to deserve that?  And how can they Ban him from going to the games, when he owns the team?
Ducky said: “Having Cuban on your side isn't necessarily something to relish on your side isn't necessarily something to relish.”
Well Ducky, your wrong again!  If Marc Cuban IS on the side of Free Speech, then I DO “relish” what he said!
Mark Cuban said in effect after the punishment of Donald Sterling by the NBA, "In this country, people are allowed to be morons." Or stupid, or even Bigoted!

So tell me folks, does all this mean that all the Basketball players, and the Football players, and the Rappers, and the Black Comedians are going to stop using the “N” word?  And stop calling Whites “Crackers”?  Well maybe they will, FOR A WEEK!

And why was that assfaced, race pimp Jessie Jackson at the game yesterday?  Did he suddenly become a Basketball fan?  He claimed that he was there to show a "symbolic expression" to protest the statements made by team owner Donald Sterling.  I say he was there to stirring the pot and to throw Fuel on the Flames of the situation!
When will this end? And when will this double standard end? Not in my lifetime, I'm sure!

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