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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Maybe We Should Boycott Basketball!?

The latest distraction from the list of failures,  scandals, and the horrific  job performance that Obama is doing,  is the story about a LIBERAL BILLIONAIRE Basketball Team owner named Donald Sterling’s Racist Remark. So why is Donald Sterling’s Racism Big News?
It's a distraction of course!  Yes, from Obama, the President who seems to love to make statements about Blacks in the news, like, Henry Louis Gates, the University Professor at Harvard, theTrayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, and now Donald Sterling but he can’t seem utter a word about the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc.  Anything to take the focus from Benghazi and IRS, and the rest of Obama’s scandals. 

Shame on Donald Sterling for failing to uphold standards of the Political Correct Police..

Maybe us dumb crackers don’t understand this so please tell me where I’m wrong!
But isn’t there more important issues, for the President of the United States to be concerned with then a senile 80 year old billion dollar team owner fighting with a bunch of uneducated overpaid athletes that get paid millions, because they played Basketball in the Getto schoolyards for hours and hours. And they just happened to be born 7 foot freaks!. Otherwise most of them would not have gotten out of 2nd grade.
Oh yes I almost forgot, He Did Impose Some New Sanctions on Russia Last Week, how much can I ask for!!
Sterling apparently doesn’t like black people, OK, is that a Crime?  Is that any reason to keep this freaken story on the front pages of every newspaper on every news report on the radio, on television, and every other place I go?
Pretty soon their going to want to make anything said about a Back person a Hate crime, it’s plainly obvious.
My question is why should I care how Donald Sterling feels about blacks?   And my answer to that is, I really don’t!  I don’t care the least.  But I do care about the lynching he is getting in the press etc. etc. and etc. for expressing his own opinion in his own home on his own telephone, and having his private conversations taped.
Sterling is clearly a  bigot there is no argument or disagreement there ..
Unfortunately,  the politically correct Professional race baiters like Sharpton and Obama have of course, jumped into their professionally offended black person mode. They smell either dollars or political coverage out of this latest media invention. Do not expect this to go away until the NBA forces Sterling to give up his team, and throw a hefty fine at him.  And that is exactly what will happen.  Yes, even here in the USA, where you once were able to say whatever you wanted to.
Is he worse or more dangerous than the racist maggots like Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Spike Lee, or that Buffone Al Sharpton and the rest of those creeps? And the latest is that the former NY Knick  Larry Johnson is calling for a all Black Basketball League...  Isn’t that sweet. And Charles Barkley said that the NBA is a "black league" and it's time that they had some representation of their own.

And they say that only whites can be Racist

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