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Thursday, May 28, 2015

What is Hillary Clinton’s involvement with Benghazi?.

What is Hillary Clinton’s involvement with Benghazi?...  Well why not ask What was Chris Christie's involvement with Bridgegate?
 The media’s coverage of the George Washington Bridge scandal, has been going on and on for years now and it has been proven time and time again that NJ Gov. Chris Christie had nothing to do with it...  And yet it can’t seem to get out of the news!
But the many scandals about madam Hillary HAS been prover and she seems to get a “Free Pass” all the time!  What Gives?   How long will the left, and the leftist  media ignore Hillary's many many short comings?

OK maybe Hillary had nothing directly to do with those killed at Benghazi, I give you that... and maybe she didn't directly reduce security and she didn't do anything to incite the attack, directly. BUT when something bad happens usually the person in charge, or the CEO takes the fall. After all she wanted the power of Secretary of State but refuses to accept the responsibility in a meaningful way. As a supervisor I know if one of my worker, or my people,  hurts themselves in any way I will take most of the blame, so should have Hillary and Obama but they did the liberal Tap Dance, saying Oh No!  I read about it in the Newspapers the same time that everyone else did!  How much Bull-Shit to they think that we are going to believe? .

Now it is revealed that the Clinton's profited by her stay as Secretary of State . So what is Hillary hiding in her e-mails?   And please don’t take us for fools telling us that those deleted e-mails were about her daughters Wedding, or her Wedding dress! Because that is worth noting more than a great laugh!
I’d have to say that she learned a lot from working on the Committee to impeach Nixon on the Watergate scandal.
There is little doubt that they are dirty as hell and if there is a shred of doubt why take a chance? Why nominate such a person of so little accomplishment other then name recognition. Is that really where the democrat party has fallen? I hope so because the destruction will be fun to watch.


  1. She's a woman. Liberals want to hold onto the White House. She's a slam dunk, regardless of her qualifications and past. All of that be damned. She will be the first woman in the White House, and that is the newest page in the liberal play book for presidential politics. It worked to elect Barry, the first black president, despite having the thinnest resume ever for a president.

    Hillarie's resume is even thinner, and that is saying something, but she's a sure winner, Dude. Sad state of affairs, isn't it? Our neighbors are pretty stupid to go for this 'first woman' schtick, but that's where we are today.