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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel on the Killing of Cecil the Friendly Lion

Just in case you have not heard about the dentist who shot a friendly and beloved lion that everybody everywhere is pissed off about and is talking about..
Last night on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Jimmy did his monologue over the shooting of Cecil the Lion and rightly showed his disgust not only that a world famous lion was killed but about how people all over the world was disgusted about someone who would  kill a large but friendly animal such as Cecil for money.. I understand how Jimmy and everyone else would be upset, as I am myself.... But let me continue...
 Kimmel showed his emotion and got kind of choked up before he could even go on with the story, and rightly so... . And yes I do understand how anyone would even a  comedian on a talk show .
And trust me I don’t want to be too hard on Jimmy. I have no problem with someone speaking about an evil story such at this one. . However I find it a bit frustrating and perhaps a bit, I don’t know if the word “hypocritical” is the correct word, but I’ll use it anyway,  that while Planned Parenthood is tearing apart babies from the womb while carefully protecting body parts so that they can sell them.. Jimmy Kimmel gets all choked up by a Lion in Africa, and almost cries while telling the story, but never about something as important as this . .


 Where was Jimmy Kimmel, or David Letterman, or Whoopi Goldberg, or Bill Maher, or  ANY of those Liberal “Funny Guys” including our Dear leader Barack Hussanin Obama when ISIS WAS BEHEADING ALL THOSE SOLDIERS, and ALL THOSE CHILDREN WHO WERE EXECUTED IN SYRIA only because they were Christians and NOT MUSLIMS!  Although I DO agree about this disgusting tragedy, I also think that these bleeding heart Liberals ought to be just as concerned when things like this happen to the Human Race by animals like ISIS!
I just have to wonder if Kimmel is also outraged over what Planned Parenthood is doing with aborted fetuses and selling body parts of the unborn as much as this?

As for this 
IDIOT Dentist, named Walter Palmer,  this callous, selfish excuse for a human who killed  Cecil,  this poor beloved Lion only for the thrill of having this most important lion in the area to feed his fragile ego and impotence, I can’t think of anything horrible enough that should happen to him for what he did.  I hope he gets extradited to Zimbabwe to live out the rest of his miserable life. For a American trophy hunter to lure a friendly lion who never harmed anyone out of his protected environment just to kill it and hang his head on his wall is one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard of. ..
 Now don’t for one minute get me wrong, and don’t at all think that I am not extremely compassionate in showing my sympathy and concern for this wonderful Lion. Because I really am, and I am greatly sadness about this heart wrenching event. But where is all the outrage over the beheading’s and the murdering of innocent babies before they even have the chance of living?


  1. These liberal and progressive monsters at Planned Parenthood have been exposed for what they all are: monsters. Monsters who sell body parts to the highest bidder, and lose not a minute of sleep after committing the most hideous murders every day. In fact, these monsters sleep like babies (or at least, like babies that they haven't murdered and then harvested their organs).
    This is what these creeps d

  2. I wonder why Jimmy Kimmel won't show the same emotional outrage about the doctors over at Planned Parenthood, who have no problem tearing out and selling the organs of millions of babies they have killed every year. That's right...BABIES! If they were aborted fetuses, they wouldn't have had enough time to develop organs....would they?
    I guess the shooting of one lion in Africa is more outrageous than the killing of millions of babies in America? What is the difference between what these "doctors" are doing than what Dr. Mengele did in Germany during WWII? What he did was considered WAR CRIMES. What the left wing nuts consider what these Planned Parenthood doctors are murderers.
    Killing this Lion was not hunting it was Murder, and Killing those babies is also Murder..


  3. Try this one on for size; Hashtag: HumanLivesMatter. What Liberals see as a fetus or a mass of cells, I see as a HUMAN BEING! So to me Babies Lives Do Matter!