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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Late Breaking News!

President Barack Obama issued a direct warning to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday over that country's stockpiles of chemical weapons, warning their use "would be totally unacceptable," and vowing there would be consequences if such weapons were used!

I have two words to day about this!

 YEAH, Right! 
Assad must be shaking in his boots.

I doubt very seriously if any of these tyrants are  impressed with any threats coming from a little chicken-shit pipsqueak like Obama!


  1. Shaking in laughter more like it.

  2. Obama is the laughing stock of leaders of Islamic countries.

    Islam traditionally respects "the strong man." That ain't Obama -- except when it comes to the fiscal cliff and other demagoguery, of course.

  3. I read that too. "Totally unacceptable" re chemical weapons but it's kinda less totally unacceptable for Obama if Assad kills his own people in the more traditional ways.