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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Is Obama Insane by Giving 20 F-16 Fighter Jets And Tanks to These Crazies In Egypt?


Despite the recent hostel activities in Egypt, despite the protests and riots and the possible cave of the Government despite the fact that Obama helped to sponsor, Mohammed Morsi as the new Islamic president of the Muslim Brotherhood and despite the  instability in Egypt due to the new Islamic Government, Our Dear leader the newly re-elected President of the United States of America evidently hasn't learned enough about backing the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt
 Yes indeedy, Obama has just approved sending over 20 F-16 fighter jets to Egypt as part of a $1 BILLION FOREIGN AID PACKAGE!  How stupid is that?  Yes, with all the talk about the high rate of UN-employment here at home and with all the BS about the "Fiscal Cliff" we are sending a Billion dollars in Foreign aid to Egypt
That’s right fellow taxpayers, that’s $1 billion of our money and our technology to a government run by the radical Muslim Brotherhood.
Didn’t I say back when this stupid “Arab Spring” thing first started that there would come a day when they wished they had Mubarak back?

Obama doesn't have the moral judgment to figure out whós the good or bad guys in these new Islamic countries. You gotta admit that it's pretty sick when our own President is milking the American taxpayer to arm an enemy.
So you Obama supporters, who do you think our real problem is? Iran? North Korea? Russia?  No, Obama is the problem. And you democrats who put him in office are also the problem to allow him to go back to Our White House and do things such as this. The American electorate is the problem. Who else allowed this incompetent Radical, Socialist our White House?
Do you really think that Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton are stupid?  No, they are as sly as a Fox. They are however Socialist ideologues that support these anti America Islamists.   So much for the demonstrator in Egypt that want Morisi to step down.  Hard to argue with 200 tanks, and 20 F-16 fighter jets shooting at you.. Why are we spending over a Billion Dollars by giving them war Planes and Tanks? It makes no sense.  We could have saved a lot of money  just by sending all of these Egyptian rebels here to the USA, and just give them Food Stamps and Welfare.


  1. "Do you really think that Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton are stupid?" I don't know but I do know that those whe reelected him sure are!

  2. Obama is proving that he's part of the ummah. And right now, the entire ummah are moving ever closer to militancy. All Muslims yearn for the return of the caliphate -- even the so-called moderate Muslims.

  3. AOW has got it right. Except, I don't think Obimbo is even a 'moderate' Muslim. I don't think he has any religious preference, other than the one, at that given moment, that will help him achieve his own agenda. I really don't have to spell out Our Dear Leader's agenda, do I?!