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Sunday, December 30, 2012

What Can We Do to Defeat The Bunch of Ignorant Buffoon Who Voted for Obama?

The people on the left can only characterize us as a bunch of ignorant buffoons. Why do I say this?  Read on,
Why do I vote Republican?  I vote Republican because I have not found a democrat  worth my vote in the past 20 years.  And  because I haven’t found a democrat  that actually follows through with their campaign promises, seems 100% trustworthy, and actually seems to have my best interests at heart – and the best interests of every hard-working, decent, “legal” citizen in my town/county/state/country. The democratic party  has been increasingly looking the same with sandals, bribes, giving ‘hand-outs’ to the LAZY (I didn’t say the deserving: elderly; legitimately incapacitated in some way, people; or innocent children; etc…) There’s people who abuse the system all over the place and, frankly, I’m tired of working hard/balancing my personal budgetto live ‘within my means’, and ONLY having children that I can emotionally/spiritually/mentally /physically/and FINANCIALLY support. I respect myself, my family & friends, my home/yard, neighborhood, etc…and I’m SICK and TIRED of those who don’t. And that is the only kind of candidates I have found to be my representing the democratic party these days.

Voting for the lesser of two evils in the Democratic party is still voting for evil. All the democrats offer me a refuge for failed classless and lying clowns.
So with that being said, why was this Failure re-elected?
Would you trust your investments to a stock broker who has a record of consistent failure in the stock market and squandering the investors’ money on his personal interests and himself? Would you trust a a surgeon who has lost his last 5 patients, to operate on you?  Then why would you vote for Barack Obama?  Yes, mistakes happen, but when someone has a track record, isn’t that saying something?

So what can we expect now from this Lame Duck President?  We can expect grid-lock that’s what!  We can expect a president who will be exceptional angry at those who warned him about the consequences of ignoring the will of the American public.  He can also expect that the Republicans are going to do whatever they can to make sure that we do not have another Liberal President elected for the next 12 years or more! I think that he already knows that, and I also think that he don’t give a rats ass about his party, he is only concerned with himself.
So until someone in the spineless, gutless, Democratic party comes up with a candidate who shows signs of being the kind of American President that we saw in the days of my Father, instead of who we have in that party today People like scumbag ass-kissing Chuck Schumer and that idiot assbag flake Al Franken, Joe Biden, and Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer, Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel,   or Hillary Clinton who so conveniently gets a concussion a week before she is to testify. Nancy  “We have to pass it, to know what’s in it.” Pelosi.
And their followers, like Screwie Louie Farrakhan, Rev. Wright, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson,Cynthia  McKinney  and Jimmy" Hoffa. 

I will never vote Democratic, NEVER. The Obama administration is like a very, very bad dream

And they all said that Bush was ignorant! 


  1. " He can also expect that the Republicans are going to do whatever they can to make sure that we do not have another Liberal President elected for the next 12 years or more!"

    [Logic] dictates that this should have already happened. [Emotion], however, seems to be the driving force. How does one explain why the demographic(s): young voters, women and minorities, suffering the most in this economy, are the very ones who put this fraud back in office? When, if ever, will they realize that the largess that they expect will cease in the economic 'death spiral' that they have, unwittingly,swallowed?

  2. DD,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS! Keep up your relentless pursuit of the truth!


  3. "I will never vote Democratic, NEVER. The Obama administration is like a very, very bad dream."

    Having never voted Democrat, at least that's NOT in my bucket list of 'Things Not To Do.'

    For years, my sleep consisted of dreams of my tour of duty in Viet Nam. I would wake myself up screaming, kicking and in a cold sweat. In the past four years, nothing has changed. I still wake myself up screaming, kicking and in a cold sweat -- except it's the nightmares of 0bimbo and his slugs. I want my Viet Nam dreams back.

  4. Onward and upward! Good luck in 2013 joining together to survive the Obama administration and the misery he has and he's bound to continue to give us all. Lets hope that we can survive and look forward in ridding America of these scum and crud that are called Liberals and progressives that put him in office. If these is one thing that's for sure, there isn't any shortage of fools in this great country of ours.

  5. If the GOP doesn't start doing their job and standing up to the dictator in office, not much we can do, except, well maybe, a revolution?

    I pray you have a blessed and prosperous New Year!!