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Saturday, July 20, 2013

“Soul-Searching”? I Don't Think So!

Obama has been so terrible as a President that half of America is getting sick of.
I thought President Obama's  speech yesterday on race was pathetic.
The President's comments in this regard were  repulsive. The Trayvon Martin affair WAS NOT a national tragedy, in fact it was far from it was far from it.   There was NO need to call a press conference to stir up the already flames of racial tension.  Al Sharpton has been doing a great job on that without the help of the President.
In times of national tragedy we expect our leaders to speak with insight, seriousness, and solemnity. The Trayvon Martin affair isn’t a national .  Sure, it's always a
tragedy when a 17 year old is killed. Nonetheless, Our Dear leader decided to discuss it yesterday and Obama’s remarks were what was expected. The part that struck me and most others was when he said:
 “You know, when Trayvon Martin was first shot, I said that this could have been my son. Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago... One hast to wonder if  Obama was also suspended from school or did he get arrested for getting caught with burglary tools and stolen jewelry? Was walking around getting into fights? Did he punch anyone, and tell them that they were going to die tonight? Or did he slam anyone’s head into concrete 35 years ago?   

Obama apparently was chomping at the bit for an opportunity to lecture us about race.. This was the wrong event to use as liftoff for such a lecture. If young black men areńt to be considered a possible safety threat, then young black men are the only ones who can change that perception.

Obama also  lectured us on race when he said that “very few African-American men haven’t had the experience of being watched closely in a department store or hearing car door locks click as they approach”.

Obama then called for “all of us to do some soul-searching” in the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial. SOUL-SEARCHING?  I don’t have anything in MY “Soul” that needs “SEARCHING”  How about "waking up" to the FACT that we have over 4 very HUGE scandals on the burner right now at this very moment.  The IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the AP scandal, and the telephone scandal, let alone the problems in Egypt, Israel, Syria, , North Korea, and the President want to talk about Trayvon Martin.
Or why isn't Obama talking about that Muslim Hasan, the killer of 13 servicemen and 32 injured, the  the Fort Hood massacre that Obama labeled  “workplace violence” rather than terrorism.”!  Or was this whole speech another distraction form these scandals?  I wouldn’t put that past him.
We have 100's and 100's of our service men getting killed over in that shit hole called Afghanistan and we need Rev. Al Sharpton, and Barack Obama to call for 100's of protests when a man was found to be NOT GUILTY by the best court system in the world?
So if there is any “soul-searching” to be done, it’s HIS!


  1. You're right; this was the wrong time to make this speech and fire the flames again. he's done all he can to worsen race relations. And, really, wouldn't another American president have mentioned the Zimmerman family and their grief over this, too? Their son didn't set out to kill but has the death of someone on his conscience now.
    Meanwhile, we have a DoJ which still thinks STAND YOUR GROUND had anything to do with this trial and a president uninformed enough to go along with that...amazing.

    1. "Well, I just read about it (saw it on the news) just like you did!" -- Barack "Bathhouse Barry" Obamaramaobama

  2. Obama has the same effect on racial harmony as he does on the national debt, unemployment, and containing extremism in the Middle East.