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Friday, July 12, 2013

Zimmerman Trial Update.

In my mind as well as in many others George Zimmerman is innocent or should I say NOT GUILTY of the crime he is being tried for. . The evidence clearly shows this is true.  The Prosecution’s case was so week that it’s almost a joke but this isn’t funny.  Yet the liberal media and the liberal/progressive bloggers like this delusional UN-informed  Dervish Sanders. And the Black community have already convicted him in their court of public opinion. The prosecution was grasping at straws and emotion in his summation. It is the prosecutions job to prove his case beyond a doubt. Especially when the  illiterate nincompoop star witness for the prosecution  Rachel Jeantel was proved to be to a retarded disaster, and was only able to speak in Ebonics !
The Blacks/Liberals/progressives  have turned Trayvon into a saint and a martyr.
Just as I thought there already is a MOB of protesters yelling and screaming outside the court.
We are a nation of Rule of the Mob filled with lawless people and led by lawless leaders like Al Sharpton and his band of thugs.  Zimmerman  is the victim of a racist witch hunt. He never would have been charged with a crime had it not been for vile race-baiters, like Al Sharpton, the Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson. and aided by Barrack Hussein Obama, and Eric H. Holder
Makes me wonder is a white person has a chance in this jury system!


  1. Mob injustice happens elsewhere too. Last winter, the duly elected representatives in the State of Michigan voted in favor of workers rights and passed 'right to work', a law that protected workers from being fired for refusing to give campaign contributions.

    The moneyed Big Labor anti-worker interests were angry. Very angry. A large number of them (stil a tiny proportion of voters) gathered at the State Capitol and threw trash around, assaulted people, and screamed in an attempt to overthrow the vote of the people. The legislators remembered the people that voted for them, and ignored the thugs, and passed the law anyway.

    That is how it should be. Vote for constituents and principle. Not to appease trash-throwing baboons.