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Monday, July 15, 2013

Well It Started.

We saw no violence in this country when any other trial ended and the majority of the people didn’t agree wit it.  The Casey Anthony case for example to mention one of the most recent. We were ALWAYS very proud of the discipline the  people have shown no matter how the jury’s decision turned out.
There was no murder here. The case proved and the jury agreed that George Zimmerman killed Travon Martin in SELF DEFENSE
Maybe we were surprised, but the jury came to a verdict and we MUST respect that.  When before in America did we act like uncivilized barbarians rioting in our cities, and cause violence and breaking into stores to “Get Stuff”.
No one knows what happened that night, but he the jurors have a pretty good picture of it. There was a lot of evidence: eyewitnesses, ear witnesses, forensics, clothing, photos, etc.. During the 4 minutes, it was Trayvon Martin that, instead of going home and staying alive, went back to take care of the "CREEPY AZZ CRACKER." This verdict was not just a "barely not proved beyond reasonable doubt." It was a resounding "innocent." Quit pandering by minimizing the no guilty verdict.
The press just wońt stop lying about George Zimmerman. If I hear one more word about his "poor judgment" or “if he didn’t follow him” oe “if he stayed in his car” I’m going to puke!   Zimmerman wasn’t on reial for any of that.  He was on reial for the event that followed all of that.
And what exactly did George Zimmerman do that showed poor judgment? He called the police and reported suspicious activity. He was a Neighborhood watchman and that was his job. He followed this “Child” because he looked suspicious and after 7 previous crimes in that neighborhood all by Young Black “Children” it was his job to check him out. 
Trayvon Martin picked on the wrong "CREEPY-ASS CRACKER" and got himself shot to death that night. The press has been shamelessly making up lies and withholding evidence to make this man the Most Hated Man in America. And that my friend is not what we do in America.
Well, at least all of the new about Obama’s scandals have stopped making the headlines.  I guess that Obama owes Al Sharpton one for that.


  1. Yeah, it's started. Let's see how far these riots go and how Obama spins his agenda.