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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'll Tell You Why Mitt Romney Is Going To Win This Election.

Tim Pawlenty, Susana Martinez, and of course the headliners, Condoleezza Rice and Paul Ryan.

What Great Speeches! What A Night!! There Were ALL Sensational!
The Progressive bloggers must be Constipated this morning!
But who cares? If these morons had any brains, they wouldn't be Progressive's in the first place.

Loving it..

You can't tell me that the country who drove Adolf Hitler into the ground, and who  liberated the Jews from the concentration camps. The country who drove out Benito Mussolini. And who brought Tojo to surrender. The country who invented the Atom Bomb and had a president who wasn't afraid to use it when it meant saving thousands of American lives. You can't tell me that the country who's President told Mr. Gorbachev to take down that wall. Who put a Man on the Moon.  Who had Millions of Brave Man and Women lining up to enlist in the Armed Forces the day after we were attacked on September the 11th.  Who has the best equipped Military in the world.  A country that has the most superior Navy and the best air power in the world.
You can't tell me that a country like this would elect a Marxist as their President.
You can't tell me that a country like this would elect a man with a proven failed record as their President.  You can't tell me that a man who is a proven lair, racist and who is inept at his job, could be re-elected as the President .
Can a country who had a President that told the Russians to Get Those Missiles Out of Cuba elect a president who Bows Down to a Saudi Arabian King? 
A country who conquered Polio, who created Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Apple, Who gave us Evis Presley, Martin Luther King, Abe Lincoln, Babe Ruth, Albert Einstein, John Glenn, and Norman Rockwell, and Amelia Earhart, and Walter Disney, Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, 
Can a Country who produced Heros like George Patton, Douglas  MacArthur, Omar Bradley and Dwight Eisenhower, ever call a joke like Joe Biden, and Barack Obama their Commander in Chief? 
A country who had  Billy Graham give the sermon at President Lyndon Johnson Inauguration Day, in 1965.
A country who had  Billy Graham give the sermon to Ronald Reagan .
And when Billy Graham gave the invocation and benediction at the inauguration of George H. W. Bush.
Billy Graham could not attend the first inauguration of George W. Bush because of illness, so in his stead, his son Franklin Graham gave the invocation.

And wasn’t it at Barack Obama’s inauguration where Rev. Lowrey said those Great words that should be etched somewhere in the Smithsonian.  “Where Yellow is mellow, and Brown stays around, Where red gets ahead, and White gets it Right”

Did you ever think that reaching for the American Dream by working hard, being honest, and becoming a success would be looked upon as  something bad? And receiving the hand-outs and entitlements as the new American way.  Where your President tells you that you and/or your parents "DIDN'T Build That Business", that business that was handed down from generation to generation or that was started by YOU!
No Mr. Obama you are dead wrong, your true Marxist philosophy finally came out for everyone to see and hear.  That is everyone who has brains enough to realize that he really meant every word that he said. And was he said was taken right from the Teleprompter where his words were written.  There wasn’t any mistake about it so don’t let these Progressive IDIOT’S try and tell you differently!
His philosophy is that the federal government gives you everything and without it you would not be able to live. And those Moron’s who never worked an honest day in their lives believe every word that come out of this Marxist’s mouth.  Because they want to believe him, they want to believe that he’s going to take away the hard earned money from the people who earned it and give it to those slobs who didn’t.  He doesn't believe that right.  Not in American he don’t Not in the Country that I believe in he don’t.
It's pretty damn obvious to me and it should be to you as well that HE never tried to run a business before in his entire life. And just because theres a road or bridge outside your business, that has NO bearing on the success or the failure of the business that YOU built.  And even if it did, you helped pay for that road or that bridge with your taxes and your tolls that have become outrageously high and are getting even higher. .
The Government has never created a job and they never will. They don't create wealth, and Mr. Obama’s plan to redistribute is not going to happen.  And that’s another reason why Governor Romney is going to win this election. 
As that Classy lady Ann Romney said in her fine speech at the Convention last night “The Stakes Are High”
And as Chris Christie said in his great speech,
"Compromise is fine as long as it's the Dems doin' the Compromisin'".
His mission was to make the case against Obama, and he passed with flying colors. Yes yes, he was brilliant, blunt and to the point. 
I thought both Chris Christie's and Ann Romney's speeches were fabulous. I wonder how the Democrats will look in comparison?  And while I'm on that subject.  I want to thank the Major Networks for NOT carrying the  Convention last night, we all know that America's Got Talent and reruns of Synchronized Swimming is much more important than who's going to lead our Nation for the next four years!!!
I wonder what the same Networks will run when Obama and company are on spreading their lie’s.  
And wasn’t it nice to see the Occupiers once again breaking the law, overrunning the  barricades at the Republican National Convention trying to prevent the Freedoms that we once enjoyed!  Once again disregarding law and order and the safety for others, as long as they can stop our Freedom of speech once again!   Did I say “Freedoms”?  Does that word exist anymore here in the USA?
Hello Police?  Does the word Tazer come to mind? Does the word “Jail” come to mind?  What happened to that that leftie tolerance, and compromise?
 I can hardly wait for the DNC convention with all those remarkable speakers like that escapee for the Looney House Joe Biden, and that  angry, bitter, abortion loving freak Sandra Fluke, and if we are lucky we might even hear from that Anti American Bastard Bill Maher, after all he’s got to get something for his Million Dollar donation. And that Marxist Elizabeth I never saw a Tax that I didn’t love” Warren, don't that rambling idiot know that she lost? 
I wonder if Jeremiah Wright will speak at the convention, after all he did have a 20 year relationship with our President.
The truth hurts doesn't it.


  1. DD

    Pure logic supports all that you say. Now,the question is: Will logic prevail?

  2. Question! If Obama wins a second term, who oh who will he blame for the bad economy he inherits?
    PS...you have a excellent blog.

  3. Hey Pope, If that @$$#!e gets re-elected our Economy will be so bad we will likley be....................OH here comes the Black Helicopters!

  4. Condi Rice's speech and Paul Ryan's speech last night had me dancing. I smell victory in November!

    As soon as I get paid on September 4, I'm donating to Romney-Ryan.

    Go, GOP!

  5. From your mouth to God's ear. Republicans are the grown-ups in the room and it's going to be
    pretty hard to get control back from those kids. Ugh!