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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tax Returns - Schmax Returns

Does anyone out there really give a crap about Mitt Romney's Tax Returns? I know that I don't!  
I already know that Mitt is a multi-millionaire and God Bless him for that.  Since when is being a VERY successful business man in America a bad thing? And Obama along with is filth ridden campaign isn’t backing down on their requests to see Mitt Romney’s tax returns, I ask you why?  Nobody really thinks that Mitt Romney has done anything wrong or illegal, because if he had then the IRS would have been all over him.  And furthermore, there was no need for him to do anything  wrong or illegal.  So why this distraction?  Why?  Well there are 20 pages of reasons for Obama and his “Gang” to create distractions, we all know that very damn well.  And the Main Stream Media’s Headlines day after day “Romneys Tax Dilemma"!  Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls Of Fire!  .where is it Romneys Tax Dilemma?    Was it or “IS” it Obama’s “Dilemma” when we still haven’t seen any proof of Batack’s  college records, or was it a “Dilemma” over Michelle Obama’s college records?  Or Obama’s Birth certificate?   This headline is The Lame Stream Media at its best.  Or should I say at it’s worse?
Would showing his Tax Returns bring jobs back into the country? Would showing his Tax Returns create even ONE Job?
We all seemed missing several points:
 Assuming that Romney paid little tax or no tax (which I seriously doubt) because Romney took advantages of those tax-loop-holes then there is nothing wrong with that. When we filed tax returns didn’t we all try to take advantages of that as long as it is legal to do so?
When someone runs a business he/she will do his/her best to get the best returns for his/her investments as long as it is legal. If Romney runs his business and he could maximize his returns in a legal way then it showed his business skills. Why do we want to go after a man for running his business skillfully?

If he didn’t pay his taxes for the past 10 years then I know as well as anyone else that the IRS also knows, and would have been dealing with him.
Just because Obama’s surrogate attack dogs  Reid, Bidden, and Pelosi makes the allegations it is far from being factual. If anyone really believes that than they probably also believed it when Bill Clinton said that he didn't have any sexual relations with that woman!
Until the time when they actually come up with some proof other than that so called Friend of a Friend’s second Cousin who told Dirty Harry that, just cool your heels and focus on your job cleaning toilets. 

We all seemed missing several points:
 Assuming that Romney paid little tax or no tax (which I seriously doubt) because Romney took advantages of those tax-loop-holes then there is nothing wrong with that. When we filed tax returns didn’t we all try to take advantages of that as long as it is legal to do so?
When someone runs a business s/he will do his/her best to get the best returns for his/her investments as long as it is legal. If Romney runs his business and he could maximize his returns in a legal way then it showed his business skills. Why do we want to go after a man for running his business skillfully?
And the ignorance continues.....................
Obama is just trying to distract from the things that matter, distract those multiple failures of his and his law-breaking regime that they have to try and conceal. It’s just his radical leftist base who really care, no one else!
Come on, everyone knows that this is the most transparent crooked administration in the history of our nation. It is so transparent that Obama should received an Nobel Prize for it.
The nutty progressive bunch keep saying that Obama has shown HIS Tax Returns, well sure, the guy has never had a job!  What could his Tax Returns possibly show?  But hey continue to attack for something that will prove nothing, because attacking is what they do.
So they send out a  a dirty liar named Harry Reid, Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader to create a PHONEY story that they ALL know is UN-True saying that Mitt hasn’t filed any returns for 10 years! One of the most outrageous charges ever seen made on the Senate floor!  Now just how scummy is that!  Shameful? Disgusting? Outrageous?  Yeah, all of that. We already knew that  Harry Reid is an absolute slime ball, but this was drudged up from the bottom of the slime barrel. And the Media runs with it. Nothing new here..  This is why NOBODY but the brain dead left and uneducated Obama zombies believe anything from the Main Stream Media.
And while we are on the subject of Idiots, 
 And this is delicious.
 I heard from a reliable source that Joe Biden filled out his college application with a crayon!

Let’s take a look at this picture.  Gas prices have been going sky high again, they just went up 35 cents a gallon in New York in the last week alone. The housing market is still in the toilet,. Food and clothing prices for the Back to School kids have gone up like crazy. We’re still in Afghanistan and we are seeing our Guys getting killed every single day, by these new type of attacks on them. Gitmo is still there and doing business as usual (and thank God for that) . Few of us can afford a vacation. Ghettos are still going strong. Gangs too. There are more and more Black on Black shootings in our Play-Grounds by drug ridden gangs and illegal aliens who  are pouring in to our Cities like never before.   Obama want to give these flea-bags amnesty without a bill passing through Congress, the Government can’t eben reliably verify who the hell they are because their parents (if they even have any) don’t have any proof of who they are either.  These illegal alien’s and their families are already bankrupting our cities and our government and hospitals and dumbing down our education system.. They are destroying our neighborhoods and committing most of the crime in our cities, with drugs and by their drunken driving, and by driving without licenses. They are killing Americans in our streets and highways every day... When is enough going to be enough!  We should be doing whatever it takes to control illegal entry into our country before our towns and cities are completely destroyed.  Americans have always welcomed immigrants who come here legally, and who seek opportunity with hard work , and play by the rules. But taxpayers should not pay for illegal immigrants who use hospitals, clinics, schools, roads, and social services.
Lets again look at the bigger picture here, the Obama administration and his campaign in general, have no policy positions, or policies to offer other than that of the tired and the same old “Hope and Change” rhetoric and we aleady know what that meant.  Nothing!  No bady got the freebees that they thought they would by voting this Snack Oil Salesmen into the office of the most powerful position in the world. The answers to the problems with our economy, are still unanswered, we are tired of hearing the Blame Game with no results except seeing the national Debt climb and climb and go completely out of sight. . It’s obvious by now that Obama has no clue about reducing the debt or creating jobs, or ending the war in Afghanistan, as he said he would. Obama has had for years to show that he has some sort of a policy to do what needs to be done with the economy, with the unemployment situation, with the illegal alien’s, with taxes, and with the war.  He has done nothing but escalate all of the above.   A vote for him is an endorsement to continue his failures.  He deserves NO ONE'S vote even if you like his ideas, because there’s No telling where those ideas will lead us. We have already seem how he has been alienating and injuring our friends, and allies like Britain, Canada, and Israel, just to name a few.

In the first 2 years Obama had control of congress (Democrats were having majority of both houses and even better in the senate since they had 60 senate seats) he should have streamlined rules and regulations for businesses so that businesses can create jobs in the US. Instead he sent a lot of money to local governments which got us into deeper deficit. Remember that government does not produce. Private industries and , businesses do.
Don’t you recall when Obama first ran for election he promises to fix the economy he claimed he will create jobs, and then later he did not use the term “create jobs” anymore. Instead he claimed “create or save jobs”. Obama is very good at using “words” which fool ignorant people.
Obama created the “Obamacare” which is a disaster in the making. The insurance premium are going to go up and businesses which provide to their employees will have to spend more, therefore, invest less in equipments and expand less which hire fewer. We may eleven see a quite a few businesses drop insurance providing to their employees altogether and choose to pay penalties instead. Or even worse yet, just stop hiring people at all.
And lets not forget for one minute Michelle Obama's tax payer funded vacations.

But I want to get back to our old friend the Vice President.
Let's face it  if Joe Biden did not have a D next to his name, and if he was not Obama's VP, and a Republican instead, this would be the only story covered in the US media and he would be hounded until he resigned! 

Ask any black and they would tell you that Slavery is nothing to joke about. But these liberals crack me up, they always have .a spin or an excuse for every "Miss-Speak".. LOL.
Here we have the Vice President of the United States of America, a man who is a Heart Beat away from the most important person in the World, who is a complete and utter fool. He makes these stupid remarks almost on a daily basis.

Dan Quail was stupid because he could not spell potato. George W. Bush was stupid because he was not pronounced Nuclear. But he did not use the Obama teleprompter. did he!  But Joe Biden is not stupid because he is a Dimocrat.
Bidenisms? Gaffes? No, just plain Stupidity.

“Look at what the Republicans value, and look at their budget. And look what they're proposing. Romney said in the first 100 days, he's going to let the big banks write their own rules -- unchain Wall Street. They're going to put y'all back in chains." --Joe Biden, speaking to a largely African-American audience in Danville, Va., Aug. 1 2012

And how about this one! "You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.... I'm not joking." -- Said Joe Biden, on C-SPAN, June, 2006.

"Stand up, Chuck, let 'em see ya." –-Joe Biden, to Missouri state Sen. Chuck Graham, who is in a wheelchair,  Sept. 2008.

"An hour late, oh give me a f**king break." Joe Biden, caught on a live mic speaking to a former Senate colleague after arriving on Amtrak at Union Station in Washington, D.C., March, 2009.

"I promise you, the president has a big stick. I promise you." Joe Biden, citing Theodore Roosevelt's famous quote, "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." April , 2012.

And just one minute here Mr. Big Mouth Vice President I think you have to RE-Read your History books, it wasn’t the Republicans that took the Black Man from, the Slave Ships or the Cotton Fields and enslaved him or had them as servants on the  plantations, or kept them on Government welfare programs, or put them to work cleaning the homes of the Governors and other politicians, or washing the floors and cleaning the toilets.  That was done by the “Bleeding Heart” party of  Robert “ KKK” Byrd a former Klansman.  Unemployment among black youth is at 50%! And look at the percentage of Blacks that occupy our prisons.  The ONLY thing they have to look forward to is Government dependency, enslaved by entitlements, welfare, food stamps. And this is what was handed down from generation to generation, give em handouts and take away the incentive to work.  Chains indeed! lol!!!
Everyone knows that the Democrats are the party of Jim Crow laws, segregation, and the KKK. They were opposers of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting rights Acts in the 60's, and of the Anti-lynching laws. They are the ones who kept the minorities as "slaves" by ensuring entitlements continue to flow from the backs of hard-working Americans (regardless of race or ethnicity), so that the "slaves" can continue to appease their "masters" the Democrats by voting for them. That is how the Democratic party has kept slavery alive. Does the words “Hope and Change sound familiar? Some things never change!
The term racist is a very important word, it shouldn’t be used lightly.  It should be saved to label people who really should be kept out of the public dialogue, like Barack and Michelle Obama's Pastor Jeremiah Wright, where he sat for 20 years and didn’t know that the hell was being said like the US Government purposely infected African American men with syphilis, and “Not God Bless America. God damn America”  or Louis Farakhan or Al Sharpton, or Jessie Jackson and his famous  Hymie Town (a pejorative term for Jews) remark when speaking about New York!  And what about Black Panther Leader Samir Shabazz
who said that blacks will have to kill white babies seconds after they’re born, while suggesting bombing nurseries that had “White Babies in them”
So the next time someone claims that Republicans are racist and Democrats are not, don't fall for it.

I hope that your not getting bored by reading all of this because I'm just getting warmed up here, I haven’t even discussed his politics of division or his wars on business, or his love for his brother Muslims, or the racist ways he has divided this country our defenses and the Constitution, and the dismantlement of our Space program. .
Unless you think that in spite of all this, Obama may have learned his lesson and will change his course, then go ahead and vote for him.  But you are only fooling yourself. Obama won’t change his economic policies or his Socialistic policies,because Obama & Company have already lost control of this country.
The bottom line is this... If you like Obama’s record, vote for him, because you’re only going to get more of it for the next four years.
ROMNEY/RYAN, November 2012 ..
They must be doing something Right, or the Progressives wouldn't be so scared.


  1. DD,

    Once again you have 'nailed' the issues to the extent that I'm lost to further commentary-BRAVO ZULU!

  2. Conservatives, on a whole, tend to be more well mannered, more mellow, but with firm conviction of what is right and what is wrong.
    They also, generally speaking, can recognize evil when they see it and the truth when they see it.
    We saw Obama for what he really was, and still is, 4 years ago and we began to get more vocal. We began to fight back, to defend, rally and to educate.
    This time around we are more organized and more schooled in what it is going to take to win.
    Not to mention we have 2 candidates who are the real deal...bright, steady, patriotic, willing fight back, and who come to the table with facts & solutions to Obama's extraordinary failure!
    Come November, we will win.

  3. Hey Pedeling, long time no hear from, thanks for stopping by with your comment which I certainly agree with.

  4. The Dems' demands for Romney's tax returns is all about promoting class warfare.

    Hell, why don't we get to look at Obama's college record? For starters, that is.

  5. AOW,

    I think that it just goes to show how little B.O. and the DemocRATS have going for themselves. Unfortunately there is a significant number of people stupid enough to buy the "class warfare" scam and they are allowed to vote.

  6. Hey Dude, you were right on target with this one!

  7. Hey look, since Romney violated no laws and only uses the Tax Code to legitimately pay his obligation he's guilty of nothing more than being responsible to himself. What would his detractors have him do; PAY EXTRA? In my opinion tax issues are between those obligated to pay tax and taxation authorities such as the IRS. How would one be expected to efficiently manage our National Resources if he didn't do likewise for himself. All of this $#!t is about making the case, promoted by B.O. and his minions, to advance "class warfare"!