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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Let’s ALL Eat More Chick-fil-A!

 Yesterday we saw Thousands of people flocking to their nearest Chick-fil-A restaurants across America to show their support after former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a Baptist minister, declared a national "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. They came from miles away and waited in lines for up to 90 minutes, to counter the bunch on the left who called for boycotts, and for blocking, and preventing the chain from opening new stores throughout America..
Now if these folks turn out in November and vote with their hearts, maybe we can get rid of the Socialist ways of thinking . The amount of hatred, and fear from these people is not only sad but pathetic. I have never seen such a level of hatred as with the intolerant left. But I'm not at all surprised over it.  What I am surprised about is the way this bunch of socialist, Obamamaniacs are so quick to give up their rights and freedoms to a allow a legitimate businessman do what any American has done in the past.  So what am I saying?  I'm saying that day by day, hour by hour we are loosing our rights and freedom to chose.  We see it with Michelle Obama telling us what to do and how to do it, what to eat and what not to eat, and with New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg following right behind, with is banning of Big Gulp drinks and now with Mothers who wish to feed their Newborn's Baby Formula.  Oh you haven't head that yet?  Well it's true.
The Mayor thinks that there is no limit whatsoever to his authority. He tells us what we can eat or can’t eat, and now he's starting  from the moment we are born.  Persuading Women to breast-feed, and demanding that they do it, are two different things.
So now we see our Liberties are not only taken away from adults but from infants as well.
He has previously banned smoking, trans-fat, pop-corn, and large sodas, and is now taking stabs at salt and caffeine, and large portions of red meat.  What's next? God only knows.
Living in New York has not only become expensive, but it’s starting to feel like I’m living in the Soviet Union. I can’t have a nice cigar after my dinner and I can’t have the big jucy Steak and Fries I love and I refuse to eat those stupid veggie-burgers instead of a big juicy HAMBURGER and a Vodka not a glass of  goat’s milk!
Where is it written that the purpose of a chief executive, like Barack Obama and especially the First Wookie, or any other chief executive like Michael Bloomberg can force, or ENFORCE  a health regime for every citizen?   And since when can the Mayor of a Major City like Chicago 
(Rahm Emanuel) dictate what kind of a Legitimate Business someone can open in the City because of his or her Political beliefs?  I don't particularly want Rahm Emanuel to tell me anything about  where or what I can eat or about Gay Marriage.

Once again we find the Lefty’s who are protesting and trying their damnest to ban this fast food restaurant and to stir up the pot of idiocy a to be "Out to Lunch"
These morons who shout for “Free Speech” once again prove that the “Free Speech” they are after is only valid when it suits their own purpose.  The “Free Speech” is not intended for the CEO of Chick-fil-A  from gay and straight practitioners of political correctness is ramping up ["Why a hungry pundit would shun Chick-fil-A," Opinion, July 27]. They condemn a legitimate business because its founder donates to organizations that support marriage only between a man and a woman.

The founder of Chick-fil-A Dan Cathy is not the only very successful business man but a very charitable and religious man. he runs his business the way a good business man should, he hires gays, blacks, whites, American Indians and anyone else that has the qualifications.And discriminates on one. Not at all like What Rahm Emanuel the Mayor of Chicago who is pathetic. To keep a citizen, and to threaten  a businessman only because of his personal belief.
Ones view on same sex marriage should not disqualify him from running or opening a business anywhere in America.
This argument seems to be aimed at destroying this business because some individuals do not like the personal beliefs of the founder. Would those preparing to picket his businesses be willing to show up at Democratic donor George Soros' home to protest some of his personal beliefs?   Ot how about accepting a Million dollars from someone as anti American as Bill Maher!  Not likely. The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

If you don't like Chick-fil-A's owner Dan Cathy's beliefs, then don't eat his chicken. But leave his business, employees and customers alone. God knows we need more small businesses like his, not only to survive but to  flourish.
Preaching negativity against people because of their sexuality, race or religion, or political beliefs is never OK in America.
When our own Government banns a particular group, they are telling us that they do not belong in America's Government.
 We should continue to support good and Legitimate business who produce good products, no matter what their differences in politics are. Differences in opinions should never be tolerated in America.


  1. In Defense of Eating at Chick-fil-A, They are NOT Anti-Gay? And if you think that they are , then you shouldn't eat there, but they do not deserve to be banned from American Cities

    But they will be, because liberals are moral hypocrites.
    Has it ever occurred to anybody to ask themselves “Why Aren’t Gay Activists Harassing, and picketing Chick-fil-A,?

    We need to understand what is happening in our culture right now today. There is something toxic going on, we are losing our freedoms and our rights to chose.

  2. "Yesterday we saw Thousands of people flocking to their nearest Chick-fil-A restaurants"

    I hope that this is a harbinger for things to come, at the polls, on November 6!

  3. Thanks for your reply, This is a bigger story than it appears to be, its about a bunch of people who are trying to push Obama's Socialist agenda on the American people .
    And the result shows how fed up people are with the leftist agenda and ruining the foundation of the country. And we are not going to stand of it.

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  5. Even though I never heard of the place until now I'd eat there in a second. Nearest one from me is in Paramus NJ and I'm beginning to think, nay I know liberals are distracting us again from the real issues.