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Saturday, August 11, 2012

MITT ROMNEY HAS NAMED Congressman Paul Ryan for his Vice Presidential running mate

I think that it was a very good and wise choice. Can you imagine the ass kicking that's going to take place in the VP debates debate with Biden. Paul Ryan going to blow Biden out of the park.
Barack Obama must be Crapping Bricks in his shorts just about now. As for Joe Biden, we have an Incoherent, Imbecile who supported the the  Occupy  Wallbaggers  who crapped on Police cars.   

But now we have TWO GUYS who love America, which we can't say about Obama/Biden.
I can just visualize the progressive bloggers at their key boards right now.  Shitting in their draws while typing all those lies.
Now Romney has to say that he’s going to nominate Allen West for Secretary of Defense and Rudy Giuliani for Attorney General and Condoleezza Rice Secretary of State and we’ll have an administration that really represents America
I can  smell Victory just around the corner now.  And Barack Obama must be Crapping Bricks in his shorts just about now.

Just get ready for an October surprise from the left! Will it be Hillary Clinton running for President instead of Obama? Or more likely Obama Bombing Iran, to secure the Jewish vote!  I wouldn’t doubt either one a bit!

Be prepared and be warned for anything.
Number one on their list will be destroying Paul Ryan.  As the Progressive A-Holes on the blogsphere
have already started to do.

Have these people no shame?


  1. Oh DUDE..your images ARE SO SO RIGHT ON!
    REALLY GOOD...I'm laughing here!
    And yes...I wonder what surprise they'll come up with...
    But, you know, I've feared HIllary...but Ryan, YOUNG EXCITING SMART..against her? I think he's the ONE GUY who could trounce THE HILL!!

  2. "Just get ready for an October surprise from the left!"

    And here I was, starting to feel good! Yeah, I wouldn't put it past them.

  3. Thanks for the great comment Z, you can bet thet they'll come up with something before the day is over.

    Jon, I was just joking, they will never pull out Obama, he won't go unless they drag him out ..

  4. Haha! Good stuff as always! As for Hillary, I agree with Z (never under-estimate her power). This might happen but it would obviously be an act of desperation and way too late for the destroyer-in-chief.

  5. Left (sometime ya gotta use THAT word) at another site, but just as appropriate here -- Roger that. My e-mail gets at least a letter a day from Ryan as he fights to push something (all good) through the slop chute. Romney can concentrate on jobs and Ryan can handle the economics issues. Good luck to both of 'em. I figure it'll take 25 to 30 years to undoo-doo what the present 'administration' has managed flush down the toilet in the past three-plus years.

  6. DD,

    My concern isn't that the DemocRATS would replace B.O. with Hillary but that they would feign some reason, perhaps health, to throw VP 'Biteme' "under the bus" with her as a last ditch replacement. I wouldn't put this past them/B.O. for one minute!

  7. Romney's choice of Ryan will unite conservatives. I hope.

  8. AOW,

    I sure hope so, as well. One would think that >3 years of B.O. would be more than enough to "unite conservatives" but maybe it didn't. Will the the electorate demonstrate the fortitude to restore the Nation to fiscal responsibility and growth or will we continue on B.O.'s path to disaster?