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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Obama Suddenly Found Out His Mother Was Descended from a Slave. After All This Time... Do You Find That To Be Curious?

The future President of the United States of America Obama is pictured here with his father, who was from Kenya. But we are "NOW" told that his Mamma was a descendent of an African Slave!

New reports show, or so they are tell us at this Oh, so critical time that a team of genealogists has found evidence that President Barack Obama could be a descendent of an African Slave!,
Oh Heavens to Betsy, don't tell me that we are playing  that old Slave Game again!  
 This SHOCKING news was suddenly REVEALED after it was found that Reverend William Owens, the head of the Coalition of African American Pastors, said that President Obama’s support for gay marriage may cost him the election due by weakening his support among black voters. “He has not done a smart thing and it might cost him the election. So we pull a Rabbit out of a hat and we play that tired old “Slave Game” again.  And guess what?   It always works.  So, we suddenly find that Obama’s mother (who I thought was White) , was descended from a slave.

Yeah, he has the black vote in his pocket, like that's news?  When did he have less than 95 percent of the "Black Vote" in his pocket.   When that time comes, THAT would be news! 

I guess by the end of August, we'll find that from a discovery of the American biography of Obama, or from a $5.00 subscription to Ancestry. Com that his Father was Jewish! Who knows maybe the next astonishing development we find is that Reverend Jeremiah Wright is really a Rabbi  hiding under assumed name by the police, witness protection program!

Or that George W. Bush was a descendant of SLAVE OWNERS.


  1. Hey, Romney could LEGITIMATELY claim roots in Mexico!

  2. I don't find that to be curious. I find that to be a lie. The handlers are trying so hard to make something out of nothing.

    1. But, most of the time, Obimbo's handlers spend most of their time trying to make nothing out of something.

  3. In spite of polling data which, on the surface, is much more positive for this fraud than should be expected; the B.O. cabal is showing signs of desperation.

  4. I don't know how good she'd be at pickin' cotton, but she did pretty good at being a porn star. I think that's a first for a President's mother. Makes ya proud to be an American, huh? Whaaaaat? The lamestream media missed that one?

  5. Genealogists have discovered that Obama and Elizabeth Warren share a common ancestor, the eminent Chief Thunderthud of the Ooragnak tribe. Obama is now expected to get unanimous Native American support.

  6. Anyone tells me that I'm related to Obama, his wife, any of his ancestors, or Pocohontas Warren will get a punch in the face.