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Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh,The Hypocrisy

Barbara Walters Interviews The Obama’s But Has No Questions to Ask About The Country, The Americans Murdered In Benghazi, The “ Financial Cliff,” or Anything Political At All!  But She Did Ask About  The Family Dog Bo....
So one of the most successful interviewers of the day finds it more important to ask about the First Family's Dog that ANY of the topics I've listed above. Oh,The Hypocrisy.  It must be great to be a Messiah, and get away with answering any hard-ball questions. Good Lord, is this what the American Press has come to?
Isn't it amazing how these Libshits can think of such tough questions!
And this is want "Time" considers to be the "person" of the year.Or better yet a "Nobel Prize" winner!
This is the most Pathetic interview ever imagined. 
With the country biting their finger nails over the "fiscal cliff"  just days away from when this interview  took place, Babs couldn't find even ONE  questions on any matter of political significance. Ah, but she did find time to discuss the family's dog Bo, asking the First Wookie "Does he follow you around all day?" and "What is Bo getting for Christmas?"  So there!  You see she did ask some questions of importance! 
But this is exactly what the Main Stream Media does and has been doing since day one of this Clown's presidency. The Lame-stream Media would never ask questions with any substance at all, just sugar coating every interview this guy faces, and continues to give him more, and more Free Passes!
It's a wonder that Babs didn't ask the First Wookie that she's having for Christmas dinner.


  1. "It's a wonder that Babs didn't ask the First Wookie that she's having for Christmas dinner."

    She didn't ask?

    Say it isn't so!

    How will we ever know?

    Isn't it our right to know?

  2. The pipsqueak in the White House and his Commie cronies are beyond belief. Clearly we cannot continue along this path...

  3. "But She Did Ask About The Family Dog Bo...."

    Simply stated: If BO was a shit eating dog, B.O. would no longer be around!

  4. Pedaling..
    "we are so screwed! "

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  5. JonBerg

    "But She Did Ask About The Family Dog Bo...."

    "Simply stated: If BO was a shit eating dog, B.O. would no longer be around!"

    Laughing My Ass Off!

  6. Obama is the Teflon Man.

    I am so disgusted by the mainstream media -- and every Obama sycophant.