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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Were American Democrats, Progressive's, Liberals, And The Rest Of The Suckers Duped, Fooled and Lied To By Democratic Politicians And Especially Obama!

Were American's  Duped, Fooled and Lied To By Democratic Politicians And Especially Obama?
Yes, Barack Obama won re-election, but already we´re finding out things that were kept from us during the campaign. And as sure as we can expect The First Moocher to be basking in the Sunshine of the World's Greatest Beaches, we are going to be hearing more, and more about Obama's scandels in the coming months. 
But will anything bother the Obamamainaics? 
Who so willingly drank the Hussein brand of Kool-Aid. Many of us were not fooled or duped by Hussein Regime or the Democrat Party.  Most of us never believed the hype thrown at us by the Lame Stream Media.
But those lefties who worshiped the King of Kenya, and the Queen of Organic Tofu bought it all and lapped it up.
Those simple-minded, dumbed-down, un-aware, dope-smoking, self-absorbed, Liberal media-influenced, celebrity-obsessed, food-Stamp grabbing, Kool-Aid drinking, entitlement-addicts, uninformed, government-dependent, Obamaphone grabbing zombies, as well as the gullible, white guilt-ridden racists, Birkenstock-wearing, David Letterman influenced idiots, bottled-water-drinking, Politically Correct Occupiers, who made up the base of the Obama/Biden administration who are made up of Marxists, Socialist, Communists, and Morons put this obamanation back in office. And are soon to see their taxes (those of them who pay taxes), go as high as the Space Shuttle that Obama canceled.  Most of these numb-skulls don’t even know where Benghazi is, let alone understand what happened there.
After changing their story God only know how many times, the White House finally conceded the raid on the U.S. consulate that resulted to FOUR Americans deaths was a planned attack linked to al-Qaida, as per information released by national intelligence agencies. 
And thank God this admission resulted to the resignation Susan Rice’s bid for Secretory of State
Yes, those who drank the
Bahama Mama flavored kool-aid, those blind and/or stupid morons who voted and for him were duped, fooled,and lied to and come January we all are going to suffer...
In January everyone who is currently paying at the 10% rate will jump to a 15% rate.
The taxes that Obamacare itself will impose on the middle class will have the largest tax increase in the history of our nation, not to mention all the other tax increases, such as the 8 percent increase in the Capital Gains tax, and the new and expensive government programs he wants to start.  But lets face it, the Lazy Bums
and dysfunctional morons who hang out at the corner Convenience Store, doesn't have any Capital Gains!

 Welcome to the new America comrade! But will they care? No, I don't think so.  I think that they are so excited just thinking about what Rapper, and Obama's Gang Leader pals will be will be at Obama's inauguration party on Jan. 20th,  that they are in another world.   As for me,  I'm so anxious to see that Moocheel's $98.00 dress that she bought from Target looks like, that I don't give a hoot about anything else. 

Yes, the Democrat's and the Press have been lying to the People for four years. The biggest lie is that taxes wońt go up and big government will care for you better than you could. By this time next month, people will begin to learn the hard way, when even more lose jobs, everyone pays more taxes, and the free healthcare doesn't develop
No, these ding-bats didn't want to believe it when Romney spelled it all out for them. 
Mitt Romney had the unfair advantage in the debates, not only did he have to win the debates but he had the unfair advantage of knowing what he was talking about, something that the Liberals didn't understand. 
Obama never had a job and knows nothing about job creation...as far as jobs for people who need jobs, yes, he creates jobs,  he creates them in his administration for his cronies. 
Will we ever see those lies exposed in the Main Stream Media? Of course not! These phony bastards are and always have been in Obama's pocket. 
No one can’t deny that the Lame Stream Liberal Media, the Lame Stream TV late night talk show hosts, such as David Letterman, The View and other douche bags who interviewed him like Chris Mathews and threw him softball questioners played a major role in getting him elected…Twice!
And these same people never even once had the balls to question that fabricated story to cover-up the murders of four Americans in Libya, or even bothered to try to expose the truth.  But rather contributed to the fabrication by backing the story told by our UN Ambassador and Madam Thighness Hillary Clinton. And the same people who vilified Richard Nixon for the Watergate cover-up. How can anyone have any respect what-so-ever for those so-called Americans who gave support and voted for Obama when they had the opportunity to finally get rid of that idiot-in-chief . They are worthless sheep.  It makes me wonder how anyone who understands the economy and worries about their future and their children's future could have cast their vote for this man. It just doesn’t make any sense

And anyone that doesn’t believe that the mainstream media has an agenda needs to have their head examined. But most if not all liberals are still dumb enough to believe their crap.

This is what we get when a liberal controlled media and a Socialist "liar in chief" President who will say anything to get re-elected. But you can bet your last dollar that Barack Hussein Obama will go down in history as for being the con artist that he is.   And that  he has not only conned so many Americans, but much of the world as well, into thinking he is the "Second Coming" and that his ambitions to transform our country into  a Socialist Nation will fail. 

And to add to the misery, we now are going to have John Commie Kerry (the winner of the Golden Douche Bag of the Year Award) as our Secretary of State. Did anyone really expects anything better coming from this Socialist dictatorship. No, in fact Kerry fits in perfectly..


  1. You said it all, DD. As a matter of fact, I think I'll go back and read it several more times!

    Having Bath House Barry was bad enough for the past four years... we can expect it to get much, MUCH WORSE in the next four years... and for a looong time after that, I'm afraid.

    There's not enough bandwidth to go into dissing John Commie Kerry.

    Remember this quote: "The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation." -- Barack Obama... or, maybe, it was Vladimer Lenin.

    On 06 November 2012, we were assured that we now live in the United Socialist States of Amerika.

  2. John Commie Kerry, I like that, think I'm going to use it...

    1. Every chance you get, DD... EVERY CHANCE YOU GET!

  3. " By this time next month, people will begin to learn the hard way, when even more lose jobs, everyone pays more taxes, and the free healthcare doesn't develop."

    Well yes, this should happen but will those who didn't learn from the past four years just remain oblivious to where our Fraud-in-Chief is taking us? Further,how many won't care because they contribute [nothing], to begin with, for the largess that they will continue to receive? DD, as you have pointed out many times and many of us understand, the problem is much greater than just B.O.; the problem has become endemic to our society, at large!

  4. We had Christmas dinner with our neighbors -- as we have done since 1988.

    The head of the household is an Obamamaniac as is his adult son (age 42). Those two absolutely will not tolerate hearing anything negative about Obama. No matter that every statement is backed up via numerous sources! This liberal sucking-down-the-Kool-Aid-no-matter-what is nothing less than cultish.

    1. All I can say is, your neighbors must have TREMENDOUS virtues in other areas if you're able to be around people like that; ESPECIALLY a Christmas dinner?!

      Since 1988?!

      Sometimes there comes a time for a parting of the ways. In view of their evident liberal thinking, MY parting of the ways with them would have been around 1987.

  5. AOW,

    I sure hope that you had copious amounts of PEPTO-BISMOL!

  6. Always On Watch

    We had Christmas dinner with our neighbors -- as we have done since 1988.

    The head of the household is an Obamamaniac as is his adult son (age 42).

    Well, AOW, we can't all have brains can we...

    I can only imagine the topic of conversation.

  7. On the 24th I had a telephone conversation with my long time best friend, now residing in Florida. During this conversation the inevitable subject of B.O. came up. Accordingly, I expressed my disdain for the Fraud-in-Chief. My friend, not surprisingly, was in complete agreement with my assessment but, rather sheepishly, intimated that his wife, nevertheless, for the 2nd time voted for the fraud. Our conversation, then ended rather abruptly, not at my behest. My point or question is: To what extent have these issues divided every facet of our society such as I've never realized before? Is this, perhaps, the biggest rift in american society since the early 1860's?

    1. Maybe an even bigger rift, JB. Time may soon tell.

  8. You guys all have nailed it. I have so many stories like those as well, but I won't bore you all. You just can't put lipstick on a Pig.