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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jingle Bell Shock

Barack Obama will attend Gangnam Style
concert despite rapper´s anti-American protests!

But why are we surprised!

This only goes to confirm what I always believed... Obama is the worst President in America's history. 



  1. How can you not understand that President BO (the amateur president)'s attendance at a Gangnam Style concert will ensure domestic tranquility, improve international relations and help avoid the "fiscal cliff?"

    Oh, yeah. It doesn't!

    You were right. He is the worst.

  2. So, this means that Obimbo, now, is a worse president than the president before him, right?

  3. M4e,

    Spot On!

    B.O., as a "Lame Duck", will prove to be exponentially worse than his IMMEDIATE predecessor! His attendance at the "Gangnan Style" concert will serve to enhance his image as "anti-American" and thus further impress the scum that re-elected him!

  4. SOMEBODY (and I'm just saying) sure would like to give Gangnam Obimbo a shock that'd jingle his bells -- you thought I was gonna say "balls," didn't you? -- ... red to positive, black to negative.