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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Zimmerman, Double Standard? You can bet your ass it is.

The George Zimmerman trial is over, and a jury declared him not guilty by reason of self-defense. But now the emotional aftermath is presenting a rare opportunity to address a set of facts President Barack Obama would rather not have as part of the conversation.

President Obama said, “There are very few African-American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed when they are shopping at a department store—and that includes me.”
Well isn’t that the cats pajammies. Our president has already taken sides and now has the Justice Department investigating to see whether Zimmerman can be prosecuted for hate crimes.  So it’s a If we can’t lynch him on one thing, we will on another time of thing. Isn't that kind of double jeopardy? Or doesn’t the law count when it come to lynching a “White Boy’ who happens to be Hispanic, but does that even matter when it come to these Race Pimps? Or isn’t it It's not double jeopardy if Zippy says it isn’t .  And Should Eric Holder prosecute George Zimmerman on a civil rights charge?  When a move like that would be all about race and politics and very little about the merits of the case, because we all know that the FBI had already loomed in the  race factor and found NONE. But the president says racial profiling is to blame. and who is going to argue with the president? Maybe it’s time the president notices that realized that everything he says is all about race. And now all the Black entertainers, like Stevie Wonder, etc.. are saying that they are going to BOYCOTT Florida because of their “Stand your Ground Law”.  The issue here isn’t just whether Stand Your Ground works for blacks. The issue here is whether is works for blacks when the black person is the victim or a white person is the perpetrator.

Most of the Black people killed in Chicago or in other inner-cities were young Black males. In fact nation wide its mostly Black boys and Men being killed by other Black boys and men. While Trayvon’s murder was sad. Is it worse then a baby who was shot while in her teen aged fathers lap?   Or black children are killed by flying bullets while that are playing in a Playground.  Or how about that  the young girls death who was killed going home after performing at the Presidents re-election celebration when he won the second time.
Wheńs the last time you heard a black leader condemn any of those events?

And now we see a Juror back tacking on her decision. Well isn’t that just peachy! Who forced her to vote the way she did in the first place? Dis anyone put a gun to her head to force her to make that decision?  She said that she "felt" that Zimmerman was guilty, but was forced to actually look at the evidence, and decide on that basis. That’s what juries are for, sweetheart... it’s not about your feelings. No one asked you about "your feelings" Its ALL about "evidence".. How can any person with an once of brains say that with a straight face that they "know" that a person intended to kill someone when there is absolutely NO evidence to prove it and all true evidence shows the person was defending himself? Either this woman is lying to protect herself and make some money on the side or she has been indoctrinated into believing the lies of the media spin and the massive peer pressure being put on her by her community.  Even though she admits there is no proof, and NO evidence for her to make that assumption this is nothing more than her opinion!
Either way, she is doing herself a real disservice to the country in the long run. OR did someone get to her? And isn’t it funny that she was the ONLY Black person on the jury.
This Juror said "He Got Away with Murder" and she thought that Zimmerman was guilty. But when she was asked if she thought that the case should even have gone to trial ?  She said, No,  she didn't think so.  Well Duh!

But when you really think about it, Juror B-29́s remarks make perfect sense. While all of the women jurors face being called racists, Juror #B-29, also known as  Maddy, was the only non-white among them, didn’t want to be  being branded a traitor to "thr people of color." or be call an “Aunt Jemima” She says "Zimmerman got away with murder," while admitting there was not enough evidence to convict.  Well then there wasn’t enough evidence for her to come to that insane conclusion either. Her heartfelt sympathy with Trayvon Martińs Mother, or her emotions were not a good enough reason for her to say the stupid things that she said.  And having 8 kids in 10 years kind of shows us that she’s not exactly the brightest bulb in the chandelier. What a disgrace to the the American judicial system this moron is.
If she or anyone else on that jury thought that Zimmerman was guilty  then why couldn't they prove it? Or was it that SHE THOUGHT he was guilty and couldn't prove it because there was NO EVIDENCE to support her RACE-BAITING AGENDA. No surprises here.  The law is a funny thing. There are some people who just chose to ignore it  when it doesn’t suit them..
I have only one question, how did I know she would be the black?

It was recently reported that George Zimmerman, who has been in hiding since he was acquitted of murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, emerged to help rescue a family who was trapped in an overturned vehicle..  Some people such as Al Sharpton are saying that this was all staged to make Zimmerman out as a Hero.  I ask you would they go so far as to turn a car with passengers in it completely up-side done to put on a show?  And did they say that when CORRY BOOKER ran in to a burning building to save people when he was in the middle of an election campaign... TWICE?
Double Standard?  You can bet your ass it is.


  1. "President Obama said, 'There are very few African-American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed when they are shopping at a department store—and that includes me.'"

    Yeah, Bubblefart, all we, or the security guards at the mall, have to do in our lives is follow 'African-American' men around all day (there we go with that damn hyphen again.)

    With your egotism, I can see why you think everybody gives a flying shit about following you around.

  2. ah yes and the first Black ..ahem ARAB president was supposed to make all the hate go away!
    what a joke! Have a great weekend my friend~!:

    1. ARAB! Now you're catching on, WHT! I wish some 'other' people had has much snap as you do.

  3. It's a myth that only black people are bothered. I went to the Danbuy Mall once Xmas shopping and on my way back stopped at the rest area on 684 in Bedford, just having a soda on the park bench when a state trooper came up to me and asked "what are you doing here?" I told him and I asked him what this was all about. He said they've gotten complaints about this certain rest area, rowdy behavior and drugs etc. etc. but point I'm making is I'm white. You get bothered when things are happening in a certain area and you happen to be there, doesn't matter if you're black or white. In Sanford FL they were having alot of breakins and burglaries in that gated community so Zimmerman followed Martin. It's not so much a racial thing but a crime thing.

  4. What Marine4Ever said, I second!

    Good post DD2.

  5. All of the teachers who taught Jeantel and graduated her so high while being so stupid and illiterate should be put in jail for defrauding the public.

    Z-man: The lowlifes who lurk around places at night in my area are almost entirely white. The whole racial profiling thing is a myth, completely.

  6. This case had nothing to do with racial profiling. If Trayvon was a young black businessman dressed in a suit, carrying a laptop and walking on the sidewalk, or an elderly black woman, Zimmerman would have given him the time of day. But because he was dressed like a gangbanger and walking in between the buildings suspiciously he did - rightfully so one could contest.