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Saturday, May 16, 2015

I Could Have Told You That!

Surprise, Surprise! Obama tries to blame the Republicans for the Amtrak Train crash...........what else is new!
Even before all of the bodies were removed from the horrific train crash in Philadelphia, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was trying to blame budget tightening Republicans for the crash
Ah, my fellow Republicans/ Conservatives . You can always rely on their stupid budget policies blaming the Republicans, but what really makes them scumbags is that they refuse to do anything about our failing infrastructure system.  I’ll bet that somehpw they’ll find a way to Blame Bush as well.

Forget the fact that the train conductor was driving the train at over 100 miles ah hour, twice the speed limit?
Like John Boehner said, “Blaming GOP for Amtrak crash is just plain stupid” ... And I think that John Boehner was much too kind in the way that he said it...
Go ahead liberals, get all that shit out of your system.  You’ll feel better.

This message has been brought to you by the DNC and the LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE MORONS everywhere

Any way, how could we republicans be responsible for the Train Wreck, when we were too busy causing the earthquake in Nepal?

As they say: “Liberals, for the most part, are a very  fairly disgusting group who will take the most horrific tragedies and politicize them in order to slam conservatives and push their progressive agenda.”

 I could have told you that would happen, the Liberals are "First Responders", FIRST to respondt with  their ridiculous lies, unwarranted accusations, and completely classless, and cluless politicization of this or any other tragic event


  1. Do you know what exactly the Republicans are being blamed for in regard to the crash?


  2. It's not that I don't hear you, I'm just ignoring you.

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