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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Bottom Line Is That Pamela Geller Is The Real Heroin

The bottom line is that Pam Geller is the real heroin.  Standing up for free speech simply pointing out the hate and murderous craving in radical Islam.   When push comes to shove, Liberals ( and some Republican’s as well, and some of those who call themselves Conservatives ) are showing their true colors, they are not really for free speech and liberty but for their own agenda. They just like to blow wind out of their behinds. 

Why are these people supporting the so called “Religion of Peace” and not supporting Pam Geller’s right to say and do what she wishes to do or say? ?  Aren't they for women's rights.  And another thing, why was there so much more outrage over Ms Gellers free speech expression compared to those  who stomp on the flag or openly call for more "dead cops"?   Does race or realign have anything to do with this? Why are those who are criticizing Pam Geller not realizing they are playing right into the hands of the terrorists ?
Are we now free to say whatever you want to say as long as the Muslims like it..
And where was Hillary on all this?       


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