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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pamela Geller, a Brave, and Courageous Women, and a True Patriot.

If you are going to be ostracized, hated, ridiculed  should be for "speaking up", and saying what needs to be said? Or should it be for being cowardly?  Well Pamella Gella surly wasn't Cowardly!
The point of my “rant”  is to sow, and to prove that Pamela Geller and others like her are not the ones who are involved in hate or in hate speech! They simply try to inform the people of the truth.  Think about it, what did she do that upsets so many people?  Some say that she put peoples lives in danger... I say that she may have put her own life in danger, and that she did so without any fear of her life. So why the uproar?   Should we stand up for what we believe in and respect people like Pamela for leading the way, or should we all become good little Muslim sympathizers and just give in to these sons of bitches who are running around the world murdering people for no reason but only because they have their own beliefs and don’t think the same way as these savages do! 
Lets face it, Pamela Geller, a brave woman and courageous women, who really should not have to be defended by any American, but should be praised by us.  Love her or hate her, and I just can’t understand anyone wanting to “hate” her , you have to admit that what she is doing is brave and courageous.  And that she has the courage of her convictions.   Pamela Geller is a rare voice of courage, and should be applauded .
How many of us, men or women would fight the fight for Free Speech and do it at the risk of his or her life? The truth is, Pamela Geller, is a heroine and a true patriot period!
Over those years, she has stood steadfast not only against Anti-Semitism but also against Christians and for that matter anyone who refuses to adhere to Radical Islam. And yet for this she is vilified for standing her ground against theses savages! question them.
These Radical Muslims are butchering Jews and Christians by the thousands, and I don’t see anyone in this country doing Diddley Squat about it. No one and certainly our Dear leader Barack Hussain Obama.  Maybe because he’s spending a bit too much time on the Golf Course, Or maybe because he don’t see any Fund Raisers being held in the Mid East.  Or could it be that he just doesn’t care if these Savages wipe Israel off the face of the earth.   But I for one am sick and tired of his stupid and sick policies, that benefit only the people who we see burning down stores, looting them and jumping all over burning Police cars?  . Of course, our rancid leader in the White house doesn’t have the balls to stand up to or worse is in full sympathy with the very savages that are intent on destroying us. So when a woman comes along with the cajones to stand up to these animals, a brave women who loves freedom and  liberty she must be slammed down, ostracized, hated, and ridiculed! Well, not while I have anything to say about it.
Sorry to keep repeating myself but the liberal- progressive - lefties position on this (and some from the Righteous Right’s as well) is just getting me down.
Pam Geller has been correct in doing what she did, it’s unfortunate that it worked out the way it did, but at least the two Gunmen who had loyalty to ISIS were killed.  Obama and his Liberal party of weenie’s  as well as the rest of the cowardly Liberal morons who call what Pam did Hate Speech seem to be willing to take away our basic rights in order to force their liberal and Socialist views on the rest of us Americans

As I said, Pam Geller is a brave woman and courageous women and a hero in my eyes. And I stand with Pamela Geller not ready or willing to give up my Free Speech. What about you? Where do you stand?

I think that freedom loving people around the world over owe a debt of gratitude to Pamela Geller for what she did and for the courage she has shown.
I have to wonder what might have happened in Germany in the 1930s if others had stood with Pamella Geller?

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