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Monday, April 9, 2012

Childish Behavior for a Pro Golfer? No, I'd call it Disgusting Behavior.

It’s about Time That the Pride of American Golf, the Wonderful Tiger Woods, the Boy Who’s Destiny Was Greatness Was Disciplined for His Disgusting Behavior.
Last Friday afternoon, the Pride of American Golf, the (former) Wonder-Boy of the game,  the former four-time Masters Champion threw his nine iron to the air, dropped kicked it and then swift-kicked it in disgust at the 16th hole.
Was it was sheer frustration?  Well maybe it was, but don't all the rest of the players get frustrated after a poor shot?  I'm sure that they do, but we don't see them kicking their clubs and using the "F" word. 
Let's be honest here, this was not the first time that he has shown his lack of self discipline, he's not only a  sore loser but  just another dirtbag who shows his true colors when the chip are down. Last year he disrespected the game and the course by Spitting on the green when he had a bad shot, not just once but twice.  He needs to be fired & and sent home and take more time off until he learns to be a man not a spoiled brat who thinks he can do anything he wants and just get a fine that means nothing to someone who is a multimillionaire. Yesterday when missing a shot he not only drop-kicked his Iron, but gave it a swift kick when it landed and followed up by saying "Fuck"  And to let him get away with that would be ridiculous.  This was not a Basketball court where common street talk is used and even accepted. This was the Masters. UN-professional and UN-sportsman like conduct should not be allowed in the wold of Golf, it never was before and we should not be making any exceptions for a and a bad example to kids and adults alike. I guess that he hasn't learned anything from his past exploits with his wife.  It's always all about him. 

At one time I used to really look forward to see him play and win, and now I find myself rooting for him to lose and lose badly.
And if he can't play the game with the dignity that all the others seem to do, then maybe he should quit the game and become a Basketball player or a Rapper where his kind of conduct is acceptable.
He just never learned that you can’t win all the tournaments that you enter, nobody has and when you lose, it's OK, but lose like a man, not like a spoiled brat. And you can't throw a temper tantrum and act like a Dram Queen when you don't.
I really  think that tiger needs to take a long vacation, maybe our First lady should show him around Spain for a few weeks or more. I think the Golf world could use a rest from him as well.

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