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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gutsy Call? I think NOT!

Was Obama’s Call to make the raid that ultimately Killed Bin Laden GUTSY?

“Gutsy Call” ? It was a decision that 99.99 percent of the American people would have made. And that ANY past President of the United States would have made
However in his latest campaign ad, it  features Bill Clinton praising Obama for making the “DIFFICULT” decision to order Navy SEALS to get Bin Laden. Whet the hell was so “DIFFICULT” about the decision?
The  truth is that this really wasn’t much of a “GUTSY call” on President Obama’s part at all!  In fact the ramifications of his not making the call would have probably been a hell of a lot worse politically for Obama not making the call than if the mission had failed entirely .
And now Obama will use the hit on Bin Laden as a campaign point, we all knew it was going to happen and of course it did. Obama’s re-election campaign is going to run with the killing of Osama bin Ladin  like it was his and only his idea and plan. Obama was merely asked to approve a plan that was already made and  waiting for his approval.  Did that take “GUTS”, did that take “BALLS” I don’t see it that way, not in the least.
The plan  that ultimately got Bin Laden was Masterminded  by the Military and the execution of the plan was made by the combat ready ‘SEAL Team Six” our
ect begin.  But lets call a spade a spade, only a complete pussy of a President could have passed up the opportunity to get Bin Laden if the opportunity was presented, so it was NOT a “Gutsy Call” at all!   But Our fearless leader got all the credit never the less.  Yes, he ultimately made the call, BUT  it took Barack Obama hours, or even possibly days, to give the call to pull off the attack, so just how “Gutsy” was it?.
The so called ball-spiking the ball by Obama, or  running around the stadium with the trophy got off to a bad start though, when the Obama campaign claimed that Mitt Romney wouldn’t have the killer instinct to make that kind of a call.  Who are they kidding? Isn’t that kind of an over-stretch!
Now what I do find perhaps a little surprising is the when it comes to talking about spineless decision-making and the
countries best man-hunters.
Is anyone surprised by this? I’m not sure I expected this particular attack to be leveled so early in the campaign, but there was no doubt it was coming. So let the campaign begin. Let the one-year anniversary of Bin Laden’s death used for political gain ? In a word, NO! Even the worst President in American history Jimmy Carter, the worst leader the US ever had, at least made the call authorizing the Iran Hostage Rescue Mission. For heavens sake, isn’t that what Presidents do?
Whenever I see that photo of the War Room,  Obama appears to be a scrawny, pathetic nerd, a scared little boy sitting in a room full of grown Men who are really doing the work.  And that he had to be called back from hiding out on the golf course so that he could pander over making the okay signal.

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