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Friday, April 13, 2012

Comment of the Week: By Hilary Rosen!

Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen, a Mother of twins, stepped into a deep pile of doo-doo when she suggested that Ann Romney,
 the wife of presumed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Mother of five, “NEVER WORKED A DAY IN HER LIFE.” That comment pissed off Moms of the World — even our Dear First Lady Moochelle Obama.
And guess what?  They can't blame George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Andrew Breitbart, Sean Hannity, or even Glenn Beck, for this one.  They are doing these dumb things to themselves.  Or maybe, just maybe that Clueless, Ding-bat Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen was referring to the millions of stay-at-home Unmarried Welfare Moms?


  1. And the President of the United States, the most powerful person on the entire planet,along with Moochelle stood up to one of his advisers. I think he deserves another vacation after such a nerve racking experience.

    Yeah right as if this whole thing wasn't staged.

  2. "...millions of stay-at-home Unmarried Welfare Mom?"
    Damn good point, DD -- DAMN GOOD POINT!

  3. "Unmarried Welfare Mom"

    Gee, if memory serves me correctly, wasn't it the Democrat 'luminary' known as L.B.J. that promoted what has become a way-of-life in America today, through his "Great Society" program? If you ask me that @$$#0!e launched the decline of this Nation!

    1. Like Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt -- may Lyndon B. Johnson (and the Anointed One) rot in hell.

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  5. I said the same thing elsewhere. Shows we think alike Dude. Marine so true about the ones who got us in this hole we are in.
    LBJ's famous quote "We'll have those n----s to vote democrat for the next 200 years." Only a democrat can get away with using the "n" word. Actually they are the only ones who use it.

  6. Could there by any further proof the Racist right are oblivious to American History? Yeah. They prove it every single day!

    This is NO different. Today Former Vice President to the Bush Adminstration, Dick Cheney called President Obama "An Unmitigated Disaster " PLEASE!

    So what is the most disliked man in America talking about? Perhaps Dick meant that President Obama had the job of “cleaning up” the unmitigated disaster that he and Bush left at the end of 2008. Because most economists agree that the U.S. economy was about to go over a cliff and President Obama saved it. Not only did the President save the economy from a depression but he also passed universal health care and reformed Wall Street - a very successful legislative tenor.
    Not that anything Dick Cheney says matters otherwise I would say that he owes President Obama an apology for calling him an unmitigated disaster. Dick Cheney had an 11% approval rating when he left office. He has no credibility with most Americans. Perhaps Mr. Cheney is "projecting" or believes the President is an unmitigated disaster because he hasn't started any new wars or can actually travel to other nations without being arrested.

    Show us the evidence . there is NO voter fraud worth diddly in this country . OBAMA was elected by a clear majority of moderate and sane Americans, not the right wing haters on this page (thank goodness), not to mention I e-mailed FactCheck.org back in 2009 and I got the facts. No there was NO voter fraud, they are just horrible excuses made for why Barack Obama won.

    Since all he has to do is say something, and republicans decide they must do exactly the opposite he divides the country in two right wing racist and everyone else, there are also wealthy people who are not racist but just greedy, Libertarians who would opose almost any Dem, or Rep. and people like myself who see Obama as too far right, and want true leftist socialism. HOWEVER These people are not going to be united,and are no further divided than they were in the past most of them felt the same about Bush, Clinton, Regan etc. as they do about Obama It is only the right wing racist who have made this sharp distiction between Obama and others and are against every policy Obama does even if it was once a part of their platform So no you do not have to be a racist to hate Obama, but I fail to see any other reason to think he is so differant from George W....except..

    Bin Laden is dead, GM is alive, We're out of Iraq, the Markets are higher than at the end of 2008, we have more jobs than the end of 2008, and we've got a foot out the door in Afghanistan. Definitely lacking in the success department. Sorry President Obama hasn't been the failure you wish he was because you hate America for electing a black man as President.

    I don’t think I need to show the data to draw a distinction vs. the right-wing media’s treatment of the current first lady. There are, of course, the common nicknames — “Wookie” and “Moochelle” — stuff that just didn’t happen with Laura Bush (the worst I could find in my search was a post that referred to Barbara Bush as “Babs”). But beyond that, there’s the stream of blog posts *dedicated* to the first lady. She has a big butt! She shouldn’t tell my children what to eat! She takes too many vacations! Her outfits are too expensive! Her outfits are too ugly! And so on — with the meme being that she’s simply not fit for the White House. These aren’t casual mentions — *entire blog posts* are regularly written. I may have missed some examples. Again, here’s the search: http://bit.ly/yhrfzo
    When you have recist remarks like Stephen.George’s “MOOCHELLE” it makes me sick to see it in print.

    Right wing loonies and racists are angry that a black woman can be First Lady and eat lobster, they want black women serving them food, not eating with them.

    1. Thanks to federal funding, there are places you can go to get FREE mental health services. Try one.