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Friday, April 20, 2012

My message to ALL Republicans and Conservatives, and all Freedom loving Americans

We MUST stand behind whoever the Republican nominee is, so  that any future United States President won't have to BOW  DOWN to any Saudi Kings anymore.
And that, among other things is what matters.
The important thing is to support the Republican Candidate whoever he or she is,  because we MUST defeat Barack Hussein Obama!  We have to defeat Barack Hussein Obama!! 
Principles are really great, but in my opinion political ideals are not the same as a moral obligation.
If you have any doubts at all, there is really only one question that you as an American has to ask yourself when you go to the poles. Am I, and is America better off than before Barack Hussein Obama?  The answer is simple, NOPE.

And if you are a Liberal, a Democrat, or a Progress or whatever you folks call yourselves these days, I encourage you to reconsider the many positives against the may negatives in removing Obama from the office.  Even as a  gourmet  I for one would vote for a a Salami Sandwich for President before I voted for Obama.

This election is not a time for  principles, the message is loud and clear.

You’ve Been Warned America!


  1. Even if 're-distribution' was the answer, which it isn't, [wealth] must first be created. Everything that B.O. has done is antithetical to sustained economic growth. Those who would support his re-election either do not understand the concept of an economic "death spiral" or can't see past his gimmickry! Whether or not one likes Romney's persona, he does have the wherewithal and is, competently, poised to reverse the disastrous trend that the incumbent has placed us on.