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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is it Even Possible for George Zimmerman to Get a Fail Trial?

Is it going to be possible for George Zimmerman to get a Fair Trial? I think absolutely not. Given the tremendous pressure to arrest and try George Zimmerman
it's going to be very heard to have a fair trial with the left-wing hypocrisy and especially when the Dog Eater in the White House and the race hustlers in the streets have already convicted George Zimmerman.  And especially not in the current  atmosphere created in the most part by the Black community and the media. As far as they are concerned, they have already tried and convicted him.

So will the facts must determine the verdict, or will public opinion make that judgement?
The people in the streets led by that phoney creep Al Sharpton along with
Black militant groups
like the New Black Panthers have already convicted George Zimmerman. They made it so bad for him that he wasn't even safe in Jail. He had run out of town in fear for his life from that angry black mob.
The possibility that he acted in self-defense is not even questioned. They want his hide strung up and nothing less is going to satisfy them. Is it asking too much for his to get a fair trial, and to respect the rule of law and not act like an out of control mob calling for his head!
It is absolutely outrageous how these violent Black Panther groups get to spread this kind of racial filth and get away with it as if they were back in the days of the Wild West, or in KKK.

Lets face it, originally, the police felt that it was self defense and they chose not to even charge him. And then, and ONLY then the only reason he was charged with 2nd degree murder was because of political pressure from the race-baiters and hate-mongers in the Black community.


  1. No way can Zimmerman get a fair trial.

    And if he is acquitted, he'll be forever tied up in court in a wrongful death suit. **sigh**

  2. AOW,

    I agree and even if he gets by the courts what good is his life? So has anyone heard more about the Kala Golden Schuchardt murder? Oh, you say no, I thought so! Try the link below.


  3. I agree with you both, either way, he's toast.