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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's still the economy... and this time, it’s not us who are stupid!

A famous Democratic slogan that helped Bill Clinton defeat the Senior George Bush the 1992 presidential campaign, is true again today.  And it should (MUST) be used.
And don't forget It’s the health care bill Stupid” as well. 

Advice for Mitt Romney, don't let up one bit, you must hit him with everything and as we all know there is plenty to hit him with. 

This is it. There is not going to be another chance. The alternative of Obama being elected is just not acceptable.
And to my Conservative friends who sat home when John McCain ran against Obama, Let’s face it, the Primary is over and Romney is going to be our man. No, he was never my first or even second choice but he is all we got and we must get behind him and stick with him.
And all you Paul supporters or should I say (Both of you Paul supporters) you need to re-evaluate your position and get behind Romney to defeat Obama and save the Nation.
You can say what you want to about Mitt, and I’ll admit that he needs to lean further to the right, no question about that, but no matter what, he's way better than the Marxist who is sitting in the White house now. If he’s even there, I’m guessing that he’s most likely in Hawaii or at a Paul McCarthy concert or perhaps a Chicago Bulls basketball game.
Look around our big Cities, we have Vacant stores, closing restaurants, house for sale signs all over the place. The only thing I don’t see are Help Wanted signs.
On foreign policy, Obama is also a complete failure .  Look at what’s going on in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, and Iran.  Maybe the MSM ignores it all, but it’s right there to see.  And how about the Oil situation? We talk, and talk about the pipeline and nothing ever gets done.  But Obama runs around the Colleges as he is today at the  University of North Carolina talking about how poor he and Michelle were. 

Using his Black Preachers accent pandering to the youth vote and asking for an “Amen”   He tries to sound like a black preacher a la  Reverend Wright or Jessie Jackson.  Well what the heck, our president spent 20 years in this lunatic's church, he must have learned something.Obama's fake Black Preacher’s accent is worse than someone from Boston speaking Ebonics, in an inner city ghetto.


  1. "Black Preacher's accent", WOW, I've been wondering just how to characterize it and you are spot on! It seems like a manifestation of desperation to me.

  2. What the heck something had to rub off Rev Wright in the 20 years that he sat there and heard nothing!

  3. I want Obama to do his Chinese accent next. The sorry so in so loves them so much he should have learned how to a communist impression by now.

  4. I too will vote for Mitt Romney. He and his wife Ann are fine, classy people who will treat our Country and the White House with the respect and dignity it deserves. He appears to be getting better every day in showing the stark contrast between him and the Marxist now in the White House. He was not my first choice, but I will support him without exception or limitation. This is the most important election of my lifetime.

  5. dd, i couldn't agree more! let's take our country back in November!

  6. I like what I'm reading here. This is our last chance to save America from the abyss which will surely result from a second term B.O.. If we 'blow' it this time I fear we will be too far past the point-of-no-return to ever gain it back!

  7. Then we have to get together and do it. there is too much at steak for anyone to sit on their ass and complain about our candidate.