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Friday, May 18, 2012

Andrew Breitbart Dies Suddenly At 43!

 Andrew Breitbart has passed away last month  and we, as American Conservatives have lost a special person who fought hard for America. Andrew Breitbart was a American Hero.

This morning after reading some blogs and articles about Andrew Breitbart’s death and the conspiracies that are circulating .  It led me to think that I had the same feeling.
Andrew Breitbart
Andrew Breitbart, the conservative blogger and journalist, died suddenly!
Breitbart planned on making a big announcement on March 1st. But never lived to see March 1st.  Next morning we all wake up and read the headlines that Breitbart's no longer among the living..
I'm sorry, 43 year old people do Not simply die of natural causes. 

Yes, why are Democrat Presidents surrounded by so many mysterious deaths?
Why should any body Not believe that it is possible that both Andrew Breitbart and the Coroner, Michael Cormier, died of anything but natural causes? After all, if those of you with a memory recall, among the many mysterious deaths that had connections to Bill Clinton, may remember one case of a man who was found decapitated, and his head was found days later in a river in Arkansas and the coroner,, ruled the man's death a suicide. So there you have it nothing more to think about, CASE CLOSED!  If you want to believe that a person can cut off their own head and then not only bring his head several miles and toss it in a river, but to then make it back to the spot where he originally cut off his own head, but managed not to even leave a trail of blood.  Sure that’s the way it must have happened/ !
And of course we all can or we should remember the White House counsel Vince Foster who was found dead in Fort Marcy Park in Virginia, outside of Washington, D.C., in 1993. His death was also ruled a suicide but remains the subject of conspiracy theories, even mine. And the death of James McDougal who died right afer he cooperated with Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr's investigation of the Clinton’s.
 So then why should it be so hard to believe that Breitbart and Cormier died of natural causes, and the coroner dies on the very day he is to release Breitbarts autopsy report?  Give me a break!
Hey Mitt Romney if you attend any Media dinners in the coming months with Democrats, don't drink the wine, or eat the Dog.

Rest in Peace, Andrew.


  1. Breitbart may be gone but his work lives on:


  2. "don't drink the wine, or eat the Dog." LOL!
    You said it!

  3. I missed that line: Don't drink the wine or eat the Dog!
    Great line!!

  4. Breitbart's death and the coroner's death -- at least one coincidence too many for me to believe as mere coincidence.

  5. No question, Obama had the CIA use the heart attack gun on him.

    I heard that from Alex Jones.