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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Mitt Romney Hair Cutting Incident.

 As for the Mitt Romney Hair Cutting Incident.
If this is the worst thing Mitt Romney ever did, then he is qualified for sainthood. We know that Obama, by his own admission, drank, did drugs, skipped school, AND ate dog! Check Obama's friends, who were terrorists, bombing our cities and he brought them to the White House. The hair-cutting is a teen stunt. 
I SO don't care! No, I don't give a Rats Ass about it!


  1. But it's way more important than Obama doing blow, or pushing down girls on the playground, or wrecking the US economy...

  2. It's called a 'double standard'. One thing about liberals/Democrats if not for a double standard they would have no standards, at all. There is no way that they can't be aware of this fact; they just don't give a $#!t!