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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Four More Years, Four More Years, Four More Years!!

 Can we afford Four More Years?
What more damage can Obama do in Four More Years?
Obama already told us that he wants to "Reshape" America.  
And that he wants to make America into a better place!  Hold everything! 
Lord have mercy, if he's going to "RE-shape America" more that he already has then I think we are in for a lot more trouble than we already thought.

And way back in 1990 Obama wrote about how he really hopes to be a part of “Transformation of this Country.” So he had plans way back in 1990 on becoming President and ruining this country!  Sound familiar? And then in 2008 when he he told us that “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America!” Obviously none brain-dead morons in the Lame Stream Media bothered to wake up and look into his vague background or ask the right question or see through his lies and background.
Yes, he told us back then in 1990 that he wanted to “Re-shape American and he again told us that last week, ironic isn’t i?  What more does he have to tell us to wake up these Lame-Brain Progressive Idiots?  Are we a bunch of Masochists?  Do we need an app for that?  He told us that he wanted to Redistribute the Wealth, who else but a Socialist would say something like that? Can we call him a socialist now?  Can we call him Comrade Obama now? The First Wookie told us that she had been “ashamed of America” before!
I think it’s fair to say that anyone who talks about redistribution of the wealth at a national socialists meeting like he did when he headlined a Democrat Socialists of America town hall meeting in Chicago in 1996,  can be considered a Socialist.
So now he is asking us for Four More Years! Four more years of what? Of nothing getting accomplished?  Of more Failed policies?  Of more and more debt?  Of Reshaping America into a Nation of Racism and division? America just can not take For Four More Years with Barack Obama as President! Where are the Jobs, where is the end of this crazy spending?  When will the First Family stop treating this Presidency  like it’s their private party?
With concerts from Paul McCartney, and Chris Rock, Jay-Z, and a recitation by the controversial rap artist Common, and Super Bowl parties, and, on Cinco de Mayo where Obama warned his guests, “You do not want get in the way of Michelle when she wants another  tamale.”.

Yes,  four more years to Complete the decline of America!  


  1. Since back in 2007, as I did my vetting of the clown, I turned to my wife, family and friends and said this guy is a socialist. They scoffed it off... They no longer are not scoffing it off.

  2. I keep asking: What does it take for [some] people to wake up to this fraud? His record alone should be more than enough to assure his defeat. But NO, apparently he still has a chance! There must be more 'Enemas' out there than I thought; a very discomforting thought, indeed!

  3. Now why don't you go to your room and take a big sniff of that sample of Saint Ronnie Raygun's rotten brain tissue that you keep on the nightstand.

  4. Of course if you want to fundamentally transform America then you must feel there's something wrong with it.

  5. Ducky,

    Why don't you go to your room and sniff Enema!

  6. JonBerg said:
    Ducky,Why don't you go to your room and sniff Enema!

    Or better yet Go to your room and take the Gas Pipe!

  7. You have to feel sorry for people like Ducky. Ignorance is not to be laughed at. Honest! I'm not laughing at him...well...okay, I am. The only light I see is that some of the Demoncrats are questioning the mighty O. His days are numbered and our country will survive.

  8. OK, I may feel sorry for people like Ducky and Enema but I feel a whole lot sorrier for those who must coexist with them and the results of their whacko politics. My God I hope "His days are numbered"!

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  10. .

    Look; Mr Obama will win. You have to concede, only the elitists within the RepublicanT Party want the other guy. Mr 'Etch-A-Sketch' is NOT the 'uppity-one-in-chief' and that is the only reason you will vote. No one on this blog believes USA will be better with Mr Romney as President.

    Many of your super-patriots here will work at bringing down USA. Their hate knows no bounds.

    On the bright side, you will be able to snivel, whine, soil yourself, piss, moan, run around like a chicken with its head cut off, do your chicken-little prancing, and cwy wike your baby picture above all the while USA will continue to get better for all people. Four more years of hate; what more could you ask for?.

    Ema Nymton

  11. Ema Nymton, I suppose you were offended by the many Republican "super-patriots" who left those fabulous messages here and all over the blogs on Memorial Day when WE "super-patriots" paid our respect to our Brave, Heroic Men and Women who have served our country!
    I have a few words for you on that subject, Get Used To It, The old America is on it's way back , so either live with it or don't! I don't give a Rat's Ass either way!

  12. Enema says:

    "No one on this blog believes USA will be better with Mr Romney as President."

    I didn't realize that Enema and Ducky were the only ones "on this blog"! Enema, whether real or imaginary,is indicative of an irrational mind set which permeates B.O. supporters and all of the "Loony Left". The inane commentary submitted under the moniker of "Ema Mymton" serves only to reinforce the rational and cogent commentary by the Vast majority!